Not all who wander are lost…but, sometimes, it helps.

Unfortunately for Eric, igniting a gang war doesn’t just wipe out the “bad guys,” and local law enforcement swoops in to investigate the sudden rekindling of hostilities. (The two gangs had a truce.) Meanwhile, our vigilante has fled the scene carrying newswoman Yvonne Price to safety on the back of his motorcycle; however, the Devil Marauders haven’t been entirely wiped out, and one straggler is willing to tap into some occult texts to find an opponent no one in our world has ever seen.

AHOY Comics will soon release the final issue of season 1 of Captain Ginger, its critically acclaimed title featuring cats in space. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanbase Press staff, as we are now able to share an advance preview of Captain Ginger #4 prior to the January 16th release date!

I first learned about author Rebecca Roanhorse while I was vending at WorldCon 76 last year. (She won the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer.) I didn’t get a chance to meet her (though GRRM wandered by the table a few times); however, I did make a point to add her book to my Christmas list and was not disappointed.

Modern Fantasy is a triumph of style with a ton of heart to spare. With nods to the fantasy genre, but more specifically Dungeons & Dragons, this story reads like something made by Judd Apatow. It’s funny, weird, and relatively progressive. Though it might share some similarities with other fantasy parody content as of late (i.e., Disenchanted), let that not sway you from giving it a shot. In my opinion, this is better than Disenchanted and has much more to offer.

A choice can create an entire universe of possibility.  Trouble is knowing which choice is the one.

In the days before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a sandstorm on Jakku reveals the final resting place of the Imperial Star Destroyer Spectral. The lost behemoth has become the stuff of legends in the years since the fall of the Empire, and the dwellers of Nima Outpost believe it to be haunted.

The third issue of Dark Horse Comics’ Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay drops this week, giving fans of the Aliens franchise another look at the “what if” scenario created by writer William Gibson’s unused third chapter for the iconic sci-fi film franchise. Featuring the return of beloved characters like Colonial Marine Corporal Hicks, the android Bishop, and the little girl known as Newt (last survivor of the xenomorph infestation which overtook her colony on LV-426). Adapting Gibson’s vision, the creative team of Johnnie Christmas (adaptation script and art) Tamra Bonvillain (colors), and Nate Paikos (letters) uses the third issue to pull readers even deeper into the terrifying and nihilistic biological arms race taking place between Weyland-Yutani Corporation and the U.P.P. (Union of Progressive Peoples) that will lead to a horrific outcome which has been teased since the Alien franchise's inception.

Issue #4 follows our hero Faith Dreamside into the Deadside, a nightmare landscape ruled by the malevolent Belu.  Belu has captured Faith’s ally and friend, Monica Jim, and plans to leverage Monica to enable his own power and conquer additional realms.

After a recon mission gone wrong, Hannah—a religious woman and pilot—is reluctantly the leading officer in charge of a group of soldiers who are stuck behind enemy lines. With little provisions, save for Go-Pills, they have to trek on, hiding in the freezing climate with something seemingly otherworldly hunting them, either in their minds or in the world.

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