If I had the patience to put together a “Best of" List for 2018, Black Hammer would be on it and it would include this mini-series, The Quantum Age, as well. Normally, mini-series that split off from a main book are there simply to capitalize on the popularity of the main title, but The Quantum Age provides an end to stories that we don’t even know how they end exactly. This six-part series isn’t just a fun, little side adventure, but a necessity when talking about the Black Hammer universe.

The bond of family runs deep. Whether it’s shared bloodlines or love between spouses, the ties that keep families together are hard to sever, even if the family is at odds. Those same strong connections can work against the members, just as much as they can help, but when something powerful roots itself in the family tree, it can be utterly terrifying.

As far as the mass production of “edgelord” materials in 2019 goes, no one does it edgier than Dark Horse, and no property dares to be as edgelord-y as Wyrd.

With the holidays officially over and the New Year underway, I wanted to pick up something that deviated from my usual interests. I haven’t read much in the true crime genre, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to Green River Killer. I was aware of the true-life events that the book is based on, but my knowledge only extended to names and a few rough details. With that in mind, I picked up the book with a bit of trepidation.

When was the last time you hobnobbed with your favorite Disney pals? Has it been a while? Well, it’s 2019 and they stand, fresher than ever, and desperate for attention.

"Resist" has been a rallying cry for many groups and individuals these days, from the moniker adopted by the new "rebellion" in the most recent additions to the Star Wars mythos to the packed city streets during the national Women's March. Given this, it seems quite appropriate that the word has now become part of the title of the latest Aliens comic series from Dark Horse Comics, especially given that the story of Aliens: Resistance follows two oppressed individuals who are pushed to the brink and make the decision to revolt against the soulless corporate monolith that controls nearly all of human existence in their universe.

Heist stories are nearly always fun. Time travel stories are always fun, too. Odd couple buddy comedies can be hit or miss, but when they’re done right, they are, again, a lot of fun. Smooth Criminals takes one part heist story, one part time travel story, and one part well-executed odd couple buddy comedy, and rolls them up into one delightfully odd, charmingly awkward package. I’m really liking this comic.

Odie, a fluffy-butt Corgi with attitude and heart, is back for an all-new adventure. After another successful Kickstarter campaign, the PDFs have been sent out, and the print version should be out soon. For those of you who missed the first issue, Odie is about an elderly Corgi who gets lost and finds his way home, only to discover his owners have gotten a new puppy they have named Cujo. Oh no!

Greeting, Scoobies! It's been a bit o' time, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is back in comic book shops once again. There have been some behind-the-scenes shake ups and big changes between the pages, but, as always, a slayer's mission to battle the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness is never over. While this may not be exactly the Buffy Summers we once knew, many readers will surely be interested in spending more time in this alternate take on Sunnydale and its bounty of demonic inhabitants.

Viva La Villain King starts off with a cartographer saving a doctor from a gang of roaming thieves and enters into a city where, for the first time in a while it seems, she is treated to some hospitality and kindness. Of course, as with all stories of this kind, not everything will be as peachy as a cobbler.

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