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Previously on Hellmouth #2, Buffy and Angel are deep in the Hellmouth, and it’s a good thing that they’re both handy to have around in a fight. Having fought through some of their deepest fears, they finally find Drusilla… but it appears that she isn’t in charge of the chaos after all?

In the opening issue of Undiscovered County, the series helmed by acclaimed writers Charles Soule and Scott Snyder, we saw a world completely changed. With the United States creating an isolationist society, the former world leader has become an dystopian nightmare that has been a virtual black box for decades, leading the rest of the world to wonder what has happened inside the walls of what America has become.

I’ve written 18 reviews now following each issue of Gideon Falls, and for me to say anything about the story at this point would be to ruin the experience of everything I’ve gone through. The emotional, mind-bending, upending nature of this series leaves me wide-eyed and out of breath at the end of every issue.

Matt Kindt must sit in his office and wonder, “What’s the last thing that readers would expect to happen at the end of this issue? I’ll do that.” And, he does. And, it is. It never feels inorganic; it never feels like a cheat.

Stemming from a love for the idea of drug addicts, the souls of artists drawn towards the needle have been an utter fascination for protagonist Ellie following the death of her mother via drugs almost ten years prior. In premise, it’s a standalone narrative with a couple that are introduced during rehab while they recover from drug addiction.

Following a horrific moment that alters China, Korea, and Japan in the 19th century, there are two soldiers that have to defend their harmonious island home from a conqueror’s impending attack and transmuted monsters that threaten to break the society that they’ve known for their whole lives. In Ronin Island, a daughter of Korean farmers who became a farmer herself (Hana) and the son of an acclaimed Samurai are paired together to defend their island. Deriving malice between them, they find that the Shogun has arrived, and their island is to pay for protection from a new threat in these monstrous beings that seem to strive to erase human existence.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Angel disappeared into the Hellmouth, and their exploits are chronicled separately in the Hellmouth series. Meanwhile, the Scoobies are dealing with a slayerless Hellmouth, and things have definitely taken a wicked turn, and not in a good way. Enter, [redacted] to help even the odds.

With the creative team of Jonathan Luna and Lauren Keely, 20XX is a new comic book series that establishes a future in divide. An apocalyptic virus has demolished most of the human race; however, those who survived the aftermath of the virus were able to achieve great feats of superpowers. This series serves as a blend of Children of the Earth and Akira.

Following the record-breaking issue of Spawn #301, this long-running comic book series has managed to push forward with its new series arc, "Hell Hunt." Here, the reader returns to a familiar character within the Spawn mythos, Jessica Priest. Largely known for her role in inciting Al Simmons as Spawn, she has managed to be naturally integrated into a different pursuit entirely. With her character intent on meeting Nyx, Priest finds herself further entangled in Al Simmons' journey than previously believed. We find Spawn serving as a vigilante, attempting to free those captured by a human trafficking ring that’s controlled by demons. With his powers diminished, Spawn must survive with his old military skills and ammunition; however, he gains assistance from an unlikely ally in Jessica Priest. Having become a fellow hellspawn like Simmons, this arc finds them needing to collaborate in order to decipher the meaning of Priest’s new powers.

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