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The tone of each of the Outerverse books from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden vary ever so slightly. Joe Golem was a film noir, Cojacaru was a WWII war story, and Lady Baltimore is a swashbuckling, Indiana Jones-style high adventure. All three are connected by one thing: witches and a realm called The Outer Worlds, where Cthulhu-inspired old gods exist.

I was introduced to independent publisher Mad Cave Studios five years ago when they released a new digital comic book series, Battlecats.  I was drawn in by the fantasy adventure tale of a squad of warrior cats who had been sent on a heroic journey on behalf of their king and where their success or failure would impact the future of all.  The setup in that first issues reminded me of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and with each subsequent issue of the first story arc, Battlecats established and delivered the promised epic tale glimpsed in the debut issue.

The Lunar Ladies is a modern-day tribute to the old sci-fi/adventure comics of the '40s and '50s. If you’ve read my reviews in the past, you may know that I am a big fan of this style and genre. I’m happy to report that Lunar Ladies does well by it. It’s a fun and entertaining story that really does feel like you’re reading something from comics’ Golden Age—only without the problematic elements like casual sexism that frequently came with the comics of that era.

Whew! Boy! Holy shit! If you were waiting for Stray Dogs to go full serial killer, then this is the issue. Comic books don’t get that sort of surge of emotions out of a person unless they really, really, really nail the pacing and through that the elevation of intensity, and, well, no one wants to see anything bad happen to dogs.

If you can imagine a Kaiju story as told by David Cronenberg, you’ll get Ultramega. The very first issue taught me to expect the unexpected, and, even with that, the unexpected doesn’t seem to cover everything. While creator James Harrem certainly cares about the characters he’s writing, or at least cares about their depth and complexity, he isn’t reverent to his creations. This is a harsh, weird world with not a single character archetype to safely guide us through it. Every moment of heroic certainty is followed by one of, well, now what?!

This is the same world that Joe Golem, another Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden character, inhabits. It’s a world of witches and alternate time lines. In the case of Cojacaru the Skinner, we have witches allying with the Nazis. The first issue started us in the middle of the action, with a group of allied soldiers trying to get important information to a church without dying.

Ubisoft’s The Far Cry video game series has long been a staple in first-person shooters. Addictive open worlds, highly re-playable missions, and memorable villains are only some of the things that make the games great. But it’s the villains that fans usually demand to see more of. With the latest delay of Far Cry 6 and the possibility of not seeing it until September 2021, gamers are eager to get their hands on anything to pass the time.

The world-famous Magic Manor is filled with glitz, glam, magic, and mayhem – and this one-shot comic brings it all together against the backdrop of Los Angeles with a unique flair of the 1930s.

Stepping into darkness takes courage. Stepping back in?  That way madness lies.

“I’m sorry, Dez… But you can’t build a home upon a lie…
One way or another… This is the end of the line.”

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