‘Bitter Root #2:’ Comic Book Review

What was fascinating about Bitter Root #1 was its ability to begin a story and weave together the stylistic feel of a Steampunk Harlem Renaissance with the issues of the present day. Bitter Root #2 continues that trend, picking up where we left off with Cullen and Berg battling a powerful, new Jinoo and protecting some civilians while a mysterious stranger mows down a KKK regiment who all turned to Jinoo themselves.

Once again, the art direction has to be praised. Sanford Greene’s illustrations continue to provide the familiar atmosphere of the Harlem Renaissance with a fresh, new look and the added aspect of the Steampunk genre. The characters, including the Jinoo themselves, look absolutely amazing.

Of course, all of that wouldn’t mean much if the story didn’t match the artwork, and it absolutely does. Bitter Root #2 continues the story while throwing us down the rabbit hole even further, with a mystery that feels as though it’s just starting to hit its stride. The mysterious man from the end of the previous issue turns out not to be the biggest secret the series has to offer. No, the bigger mystery relates to the scientist and the bird-creature thing who is actually a human, and not a Jinoo as it turns out.  After her fight with Berg and Cullen, Berg is left infected - with what, we don’t know, but all the mysteries, including the one with the hunter (who just seems to be giving away weapons very freely) and the only clean soul he left alive.

Bitter Root #2 continues the story (and the quality) of the previous issue. It’s one that you’re going to want to watch out for.  If the quality of the first two issues of this series continues, it will be an instant classic for years to come.

Creative Team: David F. Walker and Chuck Brown (writers), Sanford Greene (illustrator), Rico Renzi (colors), Clayton Cowles (Letters)
Publisher: Image Comics
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