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‘Geek-Girl #3:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #2 of Geek-Girl left Summer getting pummeled by one of Maine’s resident baddies after Ruby reclaimed the power-up glasses.  A streak of good luck brings Neon Girl to her rescue, but Summer has to accept that while she didn’t do any major harm with the glasses, she’s a danger to herself without them if she fights crime. Meanwhile, Ruby allows her old friends to entice her back into their circle with a party and drinks at a local bar, but it just can’t stay quiet when the original Geek-Girl is back on the town!


Ruby annoyed me a lot in this issue, because she lost her self-confidence and self-assurance after her coma.  I tried to cut her a little slack since she’d had a horribly traumatic experience, but I just couldn’t grasp her going back to the friends that turned on her in the original mini-series.  The return of Neon Girl and Nina added spice to the storyline, and I’m very curious to see how everything will play out. (My guess is Nina won’t disappear after one show down this time!)  Bigger things than a college girl playing superhero appear to be brewing in Maine, and, hopefully, one of our protagonists will pick up the Geek-Girl mantle and join the fray once again.

Granda is back in a familiar place for issue #3 of Geek-Girl: the incredibly detailed crowd scene! The panels in Raleigh’s are packed with people, and while the backgrounds don’t receive as much focus, nothing feels flat or incomplete.  Johnny’s office in the later pages is an entirely new environment, though, and I could almost feel the sleazy money oozing from the character and his office building.

Many of the issues from Geek-Girl #2 are left to be developed in later installments, and issue #3 focuses on helping Summer and Ruby redevelop their solid bond.  At the same time, Nina continues to be a threat to both girls. Plus, why does Neon Girl want to talk with Ruby so badly?  It’s unclear if Ruby is ready to become Geek-Girl again, but it’s become very obvious that someone has to.  

4 Conversations about Cybernetic Modifications out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Carlos Granada (Artist), Chunlin Zhau (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises, Ltd

Geek-Girl #3 is available to order at the Geek-Girl Kickstarter.

Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press Social Media Strategist

Mid-30s geek type with a houseful of pets, books, DVDs, CDs, and manga

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