‘A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns:’ Graphic Novel Review

We’re currently living in a time when new ideas and beliefs are finally being discussed, challenging the preconceived notions that many have. One of the topics being discussed is individuals identifying as different genders aside from the one they were born with. A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovani and Tristan Jimmerson is a comic book that discusses this topic, which may be unfamiliar for some, in a way that is both respectable and compassionate.

Bongiovani and Jimmerson present respecting different people and their preferred pronouns in a very unique way. They do so in the format of a comic book, structured around three people having a conversation, with Bongiovani and Jimmerson as two of the people and the third being the audience.  It’s very reminiscent of Charles Dodgson (who is better known as Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) and one of his lesser-known works, Euclid and His Modern Rivals. In Dodgson’s/Carroll’s book, he presents his argument through a play, with different characters and stage directions.  A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns - in the same manner - presents its concept in a non-confrontational way, but rather as a conversation between two characters, discussing the landscape of the situation.

One may argue that two people conversing does not a comic book make, but Action Comics has done something similar in Action Comics #894, where Lex Luthor discusses life in general with Death from the Sandman comics, and it was phenomenal.  This comic is a little different in that Bongiovani and Jimmerson aren’t talking about what death really means, but a different facet of life, and one that needs to be discussed, in these ever-changing times.  The creators aren’t heavy handed in their approach, and the different talking points they have, although familiar, are presented in a way that people—both familiar and unfamiliar of the subject matter—can comprehend.

What may be the greatest aspect of this resource is that it presents a realistic look into a relatively new concept for many people. There are many reassurances throughout this guide that lets readers know that learning about all of this changes your perspectives.

It takes time to understand the nuances of this conversation, and there's something that should always be said: Change takes time, and this comic book and resource can help us all to be more respectful and mindful.

Creative Team:  Archie Bongiovanni (writer/artist), Tristan Jimerson (artist)
Publisher: Oni Press
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