‘Coda #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Simon Spurrier and Matías Bergara create for us the apocalyptic aftermath of a Dungeons & Dragons-style world with their comic, Coda, in which magic no longer exists and mighty kingdoms have fallen. It’s basically like Mad Max up in here with mean-ass unicorns instead of tricked-out vehicles.

Hum, our protagonist, has a very selfish desire to rescue his wife from a very dangerous group of demons. Sure, it doesn’t sound very selfish, but the way Hum approaches everything is entirely selfish. In the previous issue, he was pretending to get on the good side of a local matriarch of a fortified city, just so he could get into a vault and steal some “Akker,” the most sought-after resource in this world, but instead he discovered an Ylf (variation of an elf) in the vault tied up and being harnessed for its power to run the city. Ylf are highly magical creatures that live forever.

Issue two cuts to the chase and uses the diary motif to explain how Hum - with some luck, wit, and violence - moves to the next part of the story in which a couple of wonderful characters are introduced. Notch is a bandit and the daughter of a wizard that’s lost his mind. She does what she can for him, helping him to keep his delusions alive. Otherwise, she’s a more than formidable counterpoint to Hum. After seeing Hum be the badass in the first issue, it’s nice to see him one-upped by someone who is equally, if not more, talented. This shift in power creates more stakes, because now we know Hum isn’t the strongest and most talented; there are people that can best him.

It’s true that Spurrier dedicates this issue mostly to fleshing out these characters, but we also get the thrust of the main story by the end, and, boy, is next issue going to be a blast!

The first issue sold out and is going into a second print.  Do you want to be the goof in 2018 that doesn’t read this series?

Creative Team: Simon Spurrier (story), Matías Bergara (art), Michael Doig (color assist), Colin Bell (letters), Marie Krupina (designer), Eric Harburn (editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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