‘Bankshot #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Being back in the world of Alex De Campi's Bankshot is a good feeling, though not one I've yet to fully understand. After last issue, we saw Marcus King - and how he became the unstoppable force he is - repaired by a controversial and dangerous science after being shot in the back and left for dead. Paralyzed, he was given a second chance and the ability to walk again, with some upgrades. Now, he fights for himself, with both the American government and his biggest adversary, a man known as the Dutchman, out to stop him. The only problem is that this is harder to gauge than is preferred.

I love this world and the characters in it. King, Soraya, and even the Dutchman both look awesome and capable of delivering some damage, but the artwork is so stellar that the entire world looks like a beautiful, well-built landscape. It's especially good in this one, as we get a ton of bright, high-energy action as King finds the remote laboratory that he was targeting, looking to take the Dutchman down once and for all. We finally get to see King's nanite abilities on full display, handily taking down guards and dishing out a ton of punishment. This really shows off the skills of the artists Chriscross and Snakebite Cortez. The frenetic action in this book is something that is really impressive, as it's hard to really capture the pace of this kind of movement, and to do it as well as the two of them have. The great action lettering of De Campi really adds to the effect, as well.

So far, the only issue I've had with this series may be one of my own design. While I want to love where it's going, I'm not sure I totally understand what's happening inside its pages. There are many flashbacks to King's time as he was getting his treatment, to him in full control of it as he decimates guards in the Ukraine, but the pacing of the storytelling is such that nothing really ever feels like its sinking in for me. It's harder to keep track of the what and the why, even though it looks awesome as it's happening. This is likely something that will be cleared up once the larger picture becomes available, but as of right now, the book feels more focused on showing us cool fights and explosions than it is establishing what's really going on in this world. Even going back to previous issues left this wanting a bit, but this is such an enjoyable ride that even though the path isn't clear, it's still a whole lot of fun to be a part of.

I wish I could figure this book out a little bit more, especially with only two more issues in this series to go, but so far, it's been nothing if not a master class on how to display action and combat inside the pages of a comic book. Despite one major - but likely solvable - pitfall, this is a great book and one that is highly recommended.

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