‘Snowfall #9:’ Comic Book Review

Saved New York City is on the brink of collapse, but can it be rescued from the White Wizard and his daughter, Chloe? That question is answered in the final issue of Snowfall, where science and fairy tale meet.


After Anthony Farrow kills Assessor Black, his next task is to help Dr. Reasons destroy the Cooperative and finish his revenge upon the corporation that killed his mother and has taken control of the weather. He sacrifices his own life to blow a huge hole in the Hazeltyne corporate headquarters, leaving Dr. Reasons to literally hang on for dear life. Meanwhile, Assessor Deal, Ishii, and Chloe try to find a way into the partially destroyed building to stop the unrelenting snow before it’s too late. 

In this action-packed finale, Assessor Deal and Ishii face off with a small army of security forces as they climb what remains of the Hazeltyne building to stop the White Wizard (Dr. Reasons) and the Cooperative.  They look to Chloe for help, but her desire for revenge against the Cooperative is too great, leaving them to deal with the security forces on their own; however, Chloe’s agenda differs from her father's, and we finally learn the secret of how Dr. Reasons used a “fairy tale” to control his daughter and the formulary. 

The pacing was terrific in this last issue, and it was nice to see both Chloe and her father trading positions of power throughout. I loved how Joe Harris integrated the fairy tale and science fiction elements in the story, and the art by Martín Morazzo always gave us a good feel for a world which always seemed part-magical and part-hard science. Overall, it was much more interesting than most post-apocalyptic stories, and I appreciated the foreshadowing which paid off. It doesn’t end well for everyone, but it might for the rest of humanity.

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