Godshaper has a rhythm to it, a musicality that crescendos to a transcendent catharsis. I was moved. It’s also incredibly eccentric and strange in the best of ways. I first read Simon Spurrier’s work with The Spire and fell in love with his twisted, Jim Henson-like, Miyazaki worlds full of rich fantastical characters, complex moral allegories, and the strongest of human hearts. Godshaper does not disappoint.

You got some heart in my action, there...

There is no greater creative or destructive force than the will and imagination of a child.

Keep breathing, keep sailing. Everything else is just work.

When life and death are done with us…
…only the illusion remains…

What do you get when you cross Neil Gaiman with H.P. Lovecraft? Probably nightmares, to be honest. But, more specifically, you get Only the End of the World Again, a short story about werewolves, old gods, and strange creatures of unfathomable horror.

Issue #22 of Dept.H was quiet, tense, and sad, almost like a funeral march. I was surprised by the emotions that crept up on me while scanning each and every panel, looking for a way to figure this out for Mia. Looking for that clue that would solve the mystery and get her out of her predicament alive, even though with every panel it felt like the walls only became tighter around her. That’s how entwined I am with her story; we’re in this together.

I love the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender and equally so I adore The Legend of Korra. Not only over the course of four seasons did it give us a female avatar in Korra that was complex and heroic, who showed growth and nuance, but it also ended up being a big win for the LGBTQ community, giving us a hero that was gay. It was such a success that it was almost impossible to find Part One of Turf Wars on the shelves a day after its release. I tried - five different local comic stores.

“Lovecraft meets Lethal Weapon!” is the tagline Dark Horse is using to describe their newest original series, Vinegar Teeth. Written by Damon Gentry (Sabertooth Swordsman), with artist Troy Nixey (Jenny Finn) and colorist Guy Major (Robin, Green Arrow), Vinegar Teeth is an interesting amalgam of buddy cop police procedural, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and carnivalesque humor, and thus the succinct tag line.

When we last saw our hero, Jupiter Jet, she was stealing from the rich to care for her neighbors, trying to avoid a bruising from Bruno after missing payment on rent, and saving her brother, Chuck, after his recent test flight resulted in the two of them falling from the roof. Fortunately, Jupiter Jet, also known as Jacky, was wearing a dress that turns into a parachute. And fortunately for Chuck, Jacky doesn’t hesitate to jump off the roof to save her brother.

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