The tagline on this graphic novel from the Harvey Award-nominated indie publisher Red Stylo Media claims that “Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.” And, in the case of Ophelia’s Revenge, readers soon find out just how cruel she can be.

Dead of Winter is definitely a good surprise. At first look, you might think it's just The Walking Dead set during the wintertime. Yet, as you begin to page through the story, you start to see it's a much different zombie experience than its predecessors. In fact, this comic actually makes fun of the whole setting it's in. In that regard, it is pretty original. The characters, while they are fighting for their lives, do not take themselves too seriously whatsoever.  Writer Kyle Starks knew exactly what he was doing when he put this story together. Paired with its tongue-in-cheek humor and a great cast, every page is another gold mine.

All right. If you haven't been reading any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, what are you waiting for? With their ongoing storyline now the longest-running TMNT comic book series ever, the creators must be doing something right! Am I right?!

Simply put, East of West is incredible. Writer Jonathan Hickman has built a vast dystopian world with intriguing characters, multiple layers of deception, and an underlying code of honor laid out during times where corruption is commonplace. East of West #34 focuses on two characters: Mao and Archibald – two leaders maintaining pretenses while trying to gain power with keen negotiations and assassination attempts.

Okay. I think I'm going crazy… Did I—or did I not—just write about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  I did. Right?

“I’ll always be as real as you need me to be.”

Remember high school geometry? How about the mathematical formula a2 + b2 = c2, otherwise known as the Pythagorean theorem? Other than being taught that the theorem was developed by a Greek mathematician by the name of Pythagoras, it's likely that little else was revealed during the math lesson about this philosopher that lived from 570 B.C. to 495 B.C. - for example, that he founded the Pythagorean school, or that his accomplishments are marred by controversy. (Was Pythagoras the progenitor of his ideas or his colleagues?)

Like the gangster films of the noir genre, Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Damned is fast paced and a thrill to read - only in this world, demons have infiltrated the local gangs and are enjoying the benefits. Eddie, a human who has sold his soul - making it difficult to die - is approached by an old friend, Pauly Bones, who has stolen a mystery and demonic key to trade for some souls of his own. Now, the two are being hassled by demon gang lords, a mysterious killer, and demons that put other demons to shame.

One of the things in this world that not enough people talk about is mental illness. It’s the “hush-hush” conversation, unless it’s altogether avoided. The stigma that mental illness carries with it is so great, it seems that time has not yet been able to put much of a dent in the assumptions and prejudices associated with those suffering from one or more of them.

Let's. Get. Dangerous. And pithy.

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