James Bond Omnibus 004For fans of the Roger Moore or Sean Connery Bond, you’ll love the newest release from Titan Books.  Filling almost 300 beautiful, oversized pages, The James Bond Omnibus: Volume 004 collects nine original stories each presented in daily comic strip form.  Bound as an extra thick paperback cover, this classy collection would make a perfect coffee table book to be read a few strips at a time and at your leisure.  Although, I must confess, with all of the action, intrigue, and beautiful women, I have been having quite a bit of trouble putting this book down at all.


Flee coverWhen last we saw our heroes, Commander Flick Fleebus and his robot companion Trion were preparing for an all-out war to retrieve the Nexus Sphere from their enemies, the Krill. Meanwhile, bug exterminator Rigby Pinkerton was getting ready to wage his own war against what he perceived to be a bug infestation but was, in fact, Flick and the Krill armada.


Ghostbusters 100PageSpooktacularI’ve never read any Ghostbusters comics before, because I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in it, but I figured it was worth finally giving it a show—and let me just say, I’m glad I did.  The storytelling and artwork were fantastic, and I have a feeling I’m going to investigate more Ghostbusters titles for my future reading.  Just what I need, yet another comic series to follow. Darn you, IDW!



Ghost 1For a first issue, Ghost #1 is confusing. It feels like there's a piece missing and many scenes take a page or two to figure out only for them to move on to another equally confusing scene. I later learned that there was an Issue #0 which started off this series of Ghost. Excepting the DC New 52 #0s, most #1s find a way to incorporate anything vitally important from Issue #0, so as not to discourage new readers. Ghost does not do this. Despite the fact this is the “first” of a “four” parter, go back and read Ghost #0, so more of the story will make sense.

Shaolin Cowboy"When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave." If Cain had a mule carrying an arsenal on its back, he'd have left that monastery a hell of a lot sooner. Such is a similar tale to that of our protagonist, except he was asked to leave. The Shaolin Cowboy is a man of few words. He leaves most of the "verbal" communication to the thoughts of his companion and mad player pimp, the mule. Shaolin Cowboy sticks to the action and intrigue.


StarTrek DoctorWho 06-CvrAThe crew of the Enterprise has allied with the Borg?! Who could have mediated such a volatile negotiation? That genius is none other than our verbose Doctor.

Now that we have seen the aftermath of the ultimate “Who would win in a fight” scenario, this issue begins with the Borg pleading for Captain Picard's help before the Cybermen invade the Borg home world.


Kid Reading Comics*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.


Dear Marvel and DC,

I’m a huge fan. I read a lot of your books and a lot of books from other “indie” publishers. In general, I’m just a big fan of comic books altogether. I’m 26 and my particular fandom started when I was 7 years old. My Saturday mornings and every day after school were dominated by Batman: The Animated Series and the X-Men cartoon; however, the fun didn’t stop there for me. My parents knew I was a big fan and started to buy me comics at the grocery store, the newsstand, and eventually at a local comic book store. I spent my formative teen and college years with a wonderful assortment of different characters and stories to enjoy. I even had my dark phase in my early 20s where I read a lot of Alan Moore and Frank Miller, but it always came back to superhero books for me.


SW Agent of the EmpireHis name is Cross. Jahan Cross. Agent in service to the Empire. Cross undertakes deep stealth missions to uncover corruption and stop threats to the Empire with the help of Imperial Intelligence's latest gadgets and weaponry.


Tales of the Night Watchmen 1The life of a coffee barista can be a rough one. You’ve got the danger of severe burns from scalding hot coffee. There’s the stress of the rude and indignant customers and their demands. And, of course, you’ve got the annoyance of your co-worker and roommate disappearing for long periods of time due to possession by a spectral detective who defends and protects the city you live in. At least, that’s the premise of Tales of the Night Watchman #1, an original comic book from Dave Kelly and Lara Antal, two promising independent creators.



Avengers vs. X-MenI’m not the biggest fan of crossovers, especially when it becomes a company-wide event such as Marvel’s previous Secret Invasion, Fear Itself, or Siege storylines, because it tends to require me to read a lot of titles that I normally have no interest in, and don’t know the full background of, just in order to get the entire experience of the storyline.  However, considering I already read Avengers and X-Men titles, it was harder for me to ignore the AvX event, and so I took on the task of reading it all for review purposes.

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised by the majority of the storyline—it was pretty easy to see where certain characters would fall in regards to the division amongst the heroes—but there were a couple of surprises that really threw me for a loop, and the consequences of the event will forever change the Marvel Universe (or at least that’s what Marvel NOW! proponents keep saying).


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