Assassins Creed 1Back in 2009, Corbeyran and Djillali Defali began publishing an annual series of Assassin's Creed comics that continued the story of Desmond by filling in the gaps between the games. This is the first year that the three-volume series has been available with an English translation.


Montys World 1Monty's World is a bimonthly, four-issue black-and-white anthology miniseries produced by T. Warren  Montgomery's Will Lill Comics, featuring covers and insert art by T. Warren Montgomery.


Willow 3The third issue of Willow: Wonderland was released this week, and while writer Jeff Parker finds himself joined by Angel & Faith writer Christos Gage in the writing credits department this month, after two intriguing and engaging chapters, Willow: Wonderland #3 feels a little lackluster. Let’s hope it’s just the windup for the “punch” that’s coming in Issue #4.



Pandora End of DaysAfter an ancient sarcophagus is opened in New York as part of a historical exhibit hosted by the OBARI Foundation, a plague is unleashed upon the New York populace, killing the infected and bringing them back to bite and further transmit the disease. Now, attempts are being made to quarantine infected areas, rescue politicians and other high-profile members of society, and escape this outbreak. All the while, one family has the pieces to what really came from the sarcophagus, and it's up to them to put it all together and find a means to stop this plague before it takes over the world.

Invincible 99Here we are in the middle of “The Death of Everyone.” Invincible #99 gives us part two of the story that will conclude next month with Issue #100. In the previous issue, Dinosaurus triggered a massive global flood in order to wipe out the world's coastal cities. In this issue, the Guardians of the Globe are stretched to the limit as they concentrate on disaster relief in the afflicted cities while Invincible is left to deal with Dinosaurus.



Flash Gordon V2There is nothing quite like Depression-era serials.  While they may have outdated views and storytelling techniques have changed, they can always be counted on to capture your imagination. One of the most famous sci-fi heroes of this period is Flash Gordon, and Titan Books has put out a collection of his adventures titled The Complete Flash Gordon Library - The Tyrant of Mongo Volume 2.


SW Purge 2I seriously hope that Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrant's Fist is just the first in many stories involving Vader and his eradication of the Jedi. Of course, given the Star Wars/Disney buyout and Marvel picking up the comics starting in 2015, the future of the galaxy far, far away at Dark Horse is still up in the air. But, until that happens, this is how I want my Star Wars comics. Both Ghost Prison and Purge are beautiful, shining examples of what a good Star Wars story can offer set during a time that most intrigues me in that universe: in between Episodes 3 and 4.


47 Ronin 2I’ve been waiting a while to see this issue, after the first being released a few months back, so I’ve wanted to keep up with the story and hoped that I would not be disappointed when it finally came out.  I wasn’t; in fact, I continue to enjoy how the story has unfolded, bringing the historical legend to life in a very colorful fashion.  I only hope that Dark Horse will release the issues a little faster than three months apart, even if it is a limited, 5-issue series.


Damned MeanderersI haven’t seen (read?) a whole lot of motion comics, but the ones I have encountered struck me as some sort of awkward hybrid between animation and sequential art.  Like some clumsy genetic experiment, motion comics attempted to merge two fully-evolved art forms into a wobbly-legged new one.  And, while elevating a comic with music and motion was an exciting prospect, the results always turned out to be much less than what I imagined.  We ultimately need a motion comic that isn’t simply the worst of both worlds, but one that fully utilizes the strengths inherent in each medium to better tell a story.  The Damned Meanderers by Tom McGrane, while not perfect, does come closer than anything I’ve seen so far. 

BW Nite Owl 4 colorThe comic book event of the summer is nigh!  Before Watchmen, the much-anticipated prequel series to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, will consist of seven limited series and an epilogue one-shot.  Stay tuned, as the Fanboy Comics crew will be reviewing each title as it is released. Hurm. 



Trapped by an insane reverend who intends to burn him alive, Rorschach is in serious trouble while Nite Owl and The Twilight Lady rush to his aid for reasons none of us can recall. Nite Owl #4 is a pretty good Rorschach story, further highlighting the man's descent into violence and mayhem as he reveals more of how his twisted mind works. Nite Owl is really a secondary character in this tale. Besides wagging a finger at Rorschach, he could be removed from this issue and it would have played out perfectly. This fact on its own made this issue kind of disappointing, although Rorschach's “You talk, I'll do” line to Nite Owl highlights that it's in the owl-themed hero's nature to stand on the sidelines while Rorschach kicks a-- and “hurms.”

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