Buffy 18After an unfocused and meandering first half of the season, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 is finally starting to recapture the feeling of the original show that its rabid fanbase knows and loves. With Buffy teamed up with Illyria and Eldre Koh against potential big bad The Siphon, writer Andrew Chambliss uses Issue #18 to continue revealing Season 9’s endgame to both the Slayer and his readers.


Stan Lee CartoonIf asked to name one individual who embodies all of the wonderful things that comic books offer to readers young and old, the answer is clear: Stan Lee.  For over 70 years, Stan "The Man" Lee has made his indelible impact on the world of comics, having been the legendary founder of Marvel Comics, as well as an exuberant spokesperson for its properties.  Refusing to allow 70 plus years in the industry to slow him down, Lee has been quite active as of late through POW! Entertainment, a company that develops, creates, and licenses intellectual property for the entertainment industry, with recent projects including Stan Lee's World of Heroes and Romeo & Juliet: The War.  Now, in order to bring POW!'s projects more directly to its fans (and, more imporantly, the fans in more direct contact with Stan Lee), POW! Entertainment launched TheRealStanLee.com on Monday, February 11th. 

TRON UprisingI’ve always enjoyed the original TRON film—at the time, it was a great leap in science fiction and special effects, although the background storytelling could have used a little more polishing—and I enjoyed the sequel, though probably not as much as others. When I first heard that they were going to be doing a television show, I was very excited to see how they pulled it off.  It took a bit of time for it to get produced, so I probably built it up a bit in my head before I actually saw it, but when I did, I discovered that there are some really good aspects to the show . . . as well as some really bad ones.



TWD Governon Special 1This week saw the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series, and, if the record-breaking ratings are any clue, it seems like the nefarious, yet fascinating, character of The Governor has hit with all the impact that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and crew could have hoped for. It’s common knowledge that The Walking Dead TV series and the ongoing comic book series share similarities but are, at the same time, two completely different tales. While The Governor played by actor David Morrissey may terrify viewers of the television show, the version of the character that exists in the comic books is an even more disturbing, sadistic, and dangerous villain. Given the character’s popularity, Image Comics is releasing a new book titled The Walking Dead: The Governor Special that reprints Rick Grimes, Michonne, and Glen’s first encounter with the man who will destroy their worlds far more severely than any walker they’ll ever encounter!


Iron Man 1 Marvel NowThe New Marvel is a series that looks at the changes that the mega-comic empire made following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the impact that those changes have on the stories of Marvel NOW!  Six issues (or more) into each Marvel NOW! title, we see what our favorite characters are up to and what to keep an eye out for in the future.

Tony Stark has always believed that science and technology were the answer to all of his problems, but since his confrontation with the Phoenix Force, he’s found himself contemplating different solutions than what he is used to.  A leader amongst his superhero peers, a playboy, and a historic businessman, Stark has found the perfect way of balancing his personal, professional, and heroic lives at the expense of his liver, but when an old threat comes back to haunt him in his newfound revelations, he puts his new experiences to the test in a battle of honor, life, and freedom.



Alabaster WolvesPulled from the pages of Caitlin Kiernan’s award-winning fiction, Dancy Flammarion makes the leap from prose to graphic novel in one chilling movement, now captured in Dark Horse’s new trade, Alabaster: Wolves.

Guided by her guardian angel, Dancy travels the backroads of the haunted deep South, fighting evil where she comes across it.  But, before you think this is some pale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer pastiche, Dancy is nobody’s innocent poppet.  A slender, albino waif of a girl, under a brooding South Carolina sky, Dancy makes hard, desperate choices as she makes her way through a cursed, southern town and is forced to live with the circumstances, even if death is the easier alternative.


The Curse of DraculaMarv Wolfman needs no introduction to those familiar with comics. He made his mark with The Tomb of Dracula in the early seventies along with artist Gene Colan, and went on to become a mainstay in both Marvel and DC. Dark Horse presents the hardcover edition of Wolfman’s second stab at the Prince of Darkness, The Curse of Dracula.

Originally published in three issues in 1998, The Curse of Dracula tells a new tale.


SW 2Dark Horse brings out the big guns for its new Star Wars series. Writer Brian Wood, who seems to be writing every top notch book these days, helms the ship. Legendary artist Alex Ross delivers covers that rival even the classic Star Wars movie posters, while artist Carlos D’Anda and colorist Gabe Eltaeb capture the look and feel of the iconic universe. This isn’t just some Star Wars spinoff set in the distant past or far-flung future of the extended universe. This is a story set in between Episodes IV and V. Even better, this is a story featuring Han, Luke, and Leia with real stakes affecting the fledgling Rebellion.


The End Times 2The Ends Times of Bram and Ben follows Bram Carlson, a complete bastard taken accidentally by Heaven during the Rapture and then sent back to Earth. Now that he has firsthand knowledge that the world is going to end, Bram is milking life for all it's worth while his roommate, Ben, is terrified of the prospect of an eternity in Hell and is trying to shape up his life and repent before the end.



Zombies Hi 7In 1689, while seeking to regain the throne of England, ousted monarch James II lands in Northern Ireland to seeking to take over a stronghold in the walled city of (London)derry.  But, a group of apprentice boys see James’ forces approaching and race to the city, closing the gates and barring him entrance, and for the next 105 days, the city withstands the siege and holds off the invaders, choosing starvation over surrender.

Over 400 years later, Derry is under siege again, this time by the living dead in Uproar Comics' uneven but intriguing ongoing series, Zombie Hi.  But, as history shows, prejudice, hatred, and sectarian mistrust are also among the survivors holed up in this city fortress.  And, in doing so, up-and-comers Uproar Comics have set an ambitious task for themselves, especially in the shadow of zombie juggernaut The Walking Dead, to which this will invariably draw comparisons.

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