As we approach the final chapters of Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10, things are certainly looking bleak for the Scooby Gang. While it’s not the first time our group has been fractured, Buffy: Season 10 #27 puts our Slayer at odds with nearly every one of her allies in a way that doesn’t feel like it’ll be made better with a “band-aid.” In addition, a powerful adversary from the past has set its sights on Dawn and Xander as they begin the perilous, dimension-hopping trip home.

When the light has forsaken you, that’s when I will appear.

When people say that a story is multifaceted, it tends to mean that there’s more than one compelling storyline; however, The Rise of the Antichrist is multifaceted in a much different way: one storyline contains multiple characters who can bring truth and resolution to each other.  Betvin Geant has crafted just such a tale, and this issue is the biggest example yet of the intelligence and underlying message of the series to date.  We’re given the biggest glimpse into Michael’s past, as well as Adam’s history becoming confirmed outside of himself for the first time.  There are truths and twists throughout the series, and while this issue answers a lot of questions, there’s still no telling where this story will lead which is very exciting.

North Air Entertainment, a production company designed to develop and produce entertaining properties for TV and film, recently made its first foray into the comic book world with Shake the Lake #1.  Part Lords of Dogtown and part American Pie, the comic book series dives deep into the sport of wakeboarding - a new territory for comic books to be sure - and focuses on the wild and raucous activities of a handful of its participants as they hit the waves and navigate a path for an endless summer. 

Andrez Bergen’s latest noir superhero comic is rather different from his previous noir superhero comic. Bullet Gal was a deeper and more dramatic story: a girl running from her tragic past, desperate for vengeance, gets caught up in a world of superpowers, gangsters, virtual reality, and more. Magpie, on the other hand, is a more comedic take on the familiar noir tropes that Bergen is so fond of. It’s witty and self-aware and a bit over the top. It’s also proving to be a lot of fun.

I know what you were all up to this weekend . . . playing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, weren't you?  Do I know my readers well or what?!

In the meantime, for those non-gamers out there, at least we have the latest Tomb Raider comic book series by Dark Horse Comics to keep us entertained. After all, some would argue that Nathan Drake is simply a male version of Lara Croft herself.

"..send someone to find us. We're in Saskatchewan...Movin' right along."

Yeah, I'm a little hung up on The Muppets' cancellation, but it felt pretty right considering where Mark Millar's Empress has us going in Issue #3 - which is pretty much everywhere.  Continuing the breakneck pace, our runaways (willing and non) find themselves bouncing from planet to planet in a huge galaxy that seems willing to kill them at just about every opportunity.  We do get a little downtime between catastrophes, and I'm hoping that the final statement of the issue is about dangling a hyperbole cliffhanger gag on us in the beginning of the next issue.

Bringing a sword to a gunfight.

Mikey, resident of Earth who has been trapped in the alternate dimension of Terranos for the last decade, has made a right mess of his family.  Though things were already a bit thrashed when he disappeared into the Narnia-like world, his reappearance and the literal demons chasing him have caused massive damage to them and the world at large, hitting the world with a power unknown to it.  In this whirlwind of relations and mythically powerful beings, Mikey’s family tries to bring together what was sundered so long ago.  Having evaded capture so far, the authorities and Mikey’s Terranossi (sp?) family try to ally with his Earth one to bring an end to the long journey that everyone has undergone.

The sword is only one way to die. Honor can be found in many.

Just when you thought the future of the Back to the Future comic books couldn’t get any better, well, they just did!

OMG! TMNT!! WIWWM!!! (What is wrong with me!?) I missed a month! How did that happen? Where was I?

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