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It's hard to believe the amazing Amazon was created 75 years ago by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter. I thought this week that I would highlight some of the things that make Wonder Woman so awesome in her diamond anniversary.

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Today's the day we've all been waiting for: the release of Wonder Woman #1 by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp. My thoughts on that next week. (Apparently, I'm not important enough to get an advanced copy.)

“Lately, I’ve noticed that everyone seems to trust me. It’s quite unnerving. I’m still getting used to it. Next thing I know, people are going to be inviting me to their homes for dinner.”
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I promise I will never have you over.”
“I appreciate that, Chief.”
    -- Garak and O’Brien

Let’s pretend you’re being forced to fight a member of the DS9 crew. Not sure why this is happening, it just is. In the usual Star Trek scenario, it would be Q forcing some kind of gladiatorial match to prove something about human nature, but he’s been scared of Sisko ever since the Emissary knocked him on his omnipotent ass. So, it’s one of those thought experiments. The point is, who are you going to pick?

“If you can’t have victory, sometimes, you just have to settle for revenge.”
    -- Michael Eddington

In the old days, it was an unspoken rule that television series lasted seven years. Oh sure, there were outliers. Gunsmoke lasted from the invention of the television until the eventual heat death of the universe. But for the most part, there were two milestones. The first was 100 episodes, which was the syndication barrier, ensuring that any show that made it would continue to be a cash cow long after its cancellation. The second was that seventh season, when a beloved institution would take its graceful bow and exit the stage.

Last Wednesday saw the the release of Wonder Woman: Rebirth. The story, while well written by Greg Rucka and beautifully illustrated by Matthew Clark and Liam Sharp, served merely as a prelude to next week's Wonder Woman #1.

“Tomorrow, we will see the sun rise again. But no one here will see it set.”
    -- Brota

I do my best not to be overly political in these reviews. It’s tough, because these days nearly anything you say can be interpreted in a political light. Liking the trailer of a movie, for example. Or, if you’re LGBT, existing. Star Trek, from its earliest inception, has told political stories through the lens of science fiction. Incidentally, this is a large part of what science fiction is for. So, avoiding politics in an in-depth review of Star Trek is not only impossible, it’s inimical to the purpose of the show. It’s like trying to review an episode of Cake Boss without mentioning cakes or bosses. Is that what that show’s about? I’ve never seen it.

Today marks the release of DC Comics' Wonder Woman Rebirth # 1, a day Wonder Woman fans have been waiting for for a long time.

“Today would be a bad day to die, Son of Mogh.”
    -- Leskit

Whenever Paramount starts making noise about a new Star Trek series, I have a specific idea in mind. It’s not something I’m ever going to see, and I know this, but that doesn’t stop the nerdy kid in me from getting his chubby, little hopes up. The show I want, more than anything, is Star Trek: Klingon. Imagine your standard Star Trek show, something close to TOS or TNG, except set on a Klingon Bird of Prey (hands down the coolest ship design the franchise ever produced). Imagine a crew of Klingons dealing with reversing tachyon fields, temporal anomalies, first contact, and obnoxious Romulan diplomats. Maybe there’s one Federation liaison on the ship to give the audience a PoV character, but everybody else? Klingons. There’s no word for how amazing that would be.

Greetings, fellow Amazons!  This week's topic is on a super cool, if not macabre, Wonder Woman collectible from toy maker Mighty Jaxx.

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