Wonder Woman Wednesday

Wonder Woman Wednesday (165)

Why 1984? Due to the popularity of the heavily '80s-themed and influenced Stranger Things, the '80s are all the rage again. They tried to come back before, but I was more hesitant. I guess now that I’m a few years older, I’m more nostalgic this time around. Not to mention I’m a sucker for anything hot pink!

Happy 4th of July, Wonder peeps! I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating our country’s independence.  As our rights and freedoms continue to be threatened on a daily basis, it’s a good time to reflect on what it really means to be an American.

Hey, Wonder people.  Ready for a little Wednesday Wonder Woman action? I sure am.

Greetings,  Wunderkind! This week, we have a couple of exciting Wonder Woman announcements to chat about.

Wonder Woman fans can be pretty picky. Maybe picky isn’t the right word. Wonder Woman fans can be very specific. For some fans, there are only certain incarnations of Wonder Woman that are acceptable. The best example of this being, of course, “Lynda Carter is my only Wonder Woman.”  Now, I’m not in the position to really disagree with that opinion, as Lynda is the reason I fell in love with Wonder Woman, and she would absolutely be my favorite version of Wonder Woman if hard pressed to make a decision.

This week, we follow the theme of focusing on real-life Wonder Women as we turn the spotlight toward actress Margot Kidder.

With Wonder Woman 2 not coming out until November 2019, we can only speculate and fantasize about how awesome it will be. A few bits of information have come out about the movie, and I’m here to tell you the dirt (as I know it).

Back in the hay day of comics (also known as the ‘80s), there was somewhat of a British Invasion. DC Comics’ then president, Jeanette Kahn, was looking to inject new energy into the company and went abroad to recruit British talent. The likes of writers Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and Neil Gaiman definitely made an impact and shaped the way comics would lead in the future.  The mature writing that said writers did inspired a little subgroup for mature readers, the legendary Vertigo Comics.  There was also “discovered” British artists in the likes of Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons, and Brian Bolland.

Hey, readers! Happy Wonder Woman Wednesday. Lynda Carter is all over the place these days. I’m happy to see during Wonder Woman’s “Rebirth” that Lynda is having something of a rebirth herself.

Looking fabulous as ever, '70s

One of my all-time favorite comic creators is John Byrne. Most famous for his run on The Uncanny X-Men with writer Chris Claremont, Byrne boasts an epic resume, and that resume includes Wonder Woman.

They say older music, for the first time in history is outselling current music. Supposedly, because it’s so much better than what is being currently made. It makes me wonder if the same thing holds true with comics.  IDW is releasing an “Artist’s Artifact” version of John Byrne’s run on the

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