The Future Will Be Carpeted

The Future Will Be Carpeted (173)


“Prodigal Daughter”
7.11 (aired January 6, 1999)

“To my sister. A shining angel in a dark sky.”
    -- Norvo Tigan

“It’s Only a Paper Moon”
7.10 (aired December 30, 1998)

“All I can tell you is that you’ve got to play the cards life deals you. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but at least you’re in the game.”
    -- Vic Fontaine

7.9 (aired November 25, 1998)

“Some things can’t be forgiven.”
    -- Colonel Kira Nerys

"The Siege of AR-558"
7.8 (aired November 18, 1998)

“Let me tell you something about humans, nephew. They’re a wonderful, friendly people, as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time, and those friendly, intelligent, wonderful people will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don’t believe me? Look at those faces. Look in their eyes.”
    -- Quark

"Once More Unto the Breach"
7.7 (aired November 11, 1998)

“Savor the fruit of life, my young friends. It has a sweet taste when it is fresh from the vine. But don’t live too long. The taste turns bitter... after a time.”
    -- Kor

"Treachery, Faith and the Great River"
7.6 (aired November 2, 1998)

“Of course I’m paranoid, everyone’s trying to kill me.”
    -- Weyoun

7.5 (aired October 28, 1998)

“Everyone, this is Sarina. Sarina, this is everyone.”
    -- Dr. Julian Bashir

"Take Me Out to the Holosuite"
7.4 (aired October 21, 1998)

“When their captain challenged us to a contest of courage, teamwork, and sacrifice, I accepted on your behalf.”
“We will destroy them.”
    -- Sisko and Worf

“It’s a strange sensation, dying. No matter how many times it happens, you never get used to it.”
    -- Ensign Ezri Dax

Characters in ensemble dramas need episodes focused around them to establish who they are, what they want, and where they came from. There’s a tradition in shows like DS9 to have one member of the ensemble act as the protagonist of the hour, with the rest of the cast taking the role of foils or even antagonists. After introducing Ezri Dax, they couldn’t just sneak her onto the show and pretend she’d been there the whole time. No, she was going to need that spotlight.

“It’ll be just like old times. Except different.”
-- Ensign Ezri Dax

Terry Farrell leaving DS9 put the writers in a no-win situation. The first option, the one I preferred at the time, is problematic from the standpoint that the show was already a bit of a sausage-fest, and they’d just been forced to kill one of only two female regulars. Elevating one of DS9’s numerous reoccurring characters to regular status, say, someone like Garak or Nog, who are not only great characters on their own, but are in most of the final season anyway, would have certainly been elegant and organic. It would have also left a cast of nine with only a single woman.

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