Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor

In the desolate, Steampunk world of Lantern city, there are three distinct classes: The Workers; the Guards; and The Greys.  The Workers and Guards serve to help the city survive within walls built long ago to protect the population from what is known as “The Desolation.” (The Greys are the upper class that we have yet to meet. ) The Workers, being the lowest class, suffer the most under the hands of the ruthless and faceless Guards. The story focuses on one such worker by the name of Sander. A loving husband and father, he is torn between keeping his head down to protect his family or aiding his brother-in-law in revolt.  But, whether it is a difficult decision to make is left to be seen as inaction means a slow death and joining the revolt could mean a quick one.

Taking a step back from the TV show and a four-issue mini-series, BOOM! Studios - with writer Mike Johnson and artist Matías Bergara - sends us down memory lane to see the world through the eyes of our heroes and villains before the world as they knew it changed forever.

What happens when four clueless tourists descend on the island of Oahu and their inadvertent impact on local government is the premise of this cute satirical look at Hawaii.  Written and illustrated by indie comic creator, Allen G. Carter, the comic takes a look at both a tourist and an insider’s perspective of tourism and modern Hawaiian culture.

Clay Woods is on the run from someone or something. Or, is he really trying to run away from himself? Driven by this nagging fear that if he doesn’t keep moving, something bad will happen, he spends his last dollar only to wind up in the “Big Easy,” otherwise known as New Orleans. One has to wonder if Clay has jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

The fourth and last installment of Sleepy Hollow from BOOM! starts off with a bang, as Abbie and Ichabod find themselves trapped in a hell of their own making. Jennie and the Captain are imprisoned as well, but Abbie has made a deal with The Hessians to rescue her friends and fellow witness. Now, they face off against their nemesis, Colin Van Bilj, for control of their very souls.

What do you do when you give the demon you summoned the choice of free will? And, what does free will really mean? These are the questions that emerge from the first five chapters of the Dark Horse comic, Veil, written by Greg Rucka and with art by Toni Fejzula.

Our favorite heroes from Sleepy Hollow are at it again in this third installment of a four-issue story arc from BOOM! Written by Marguerite Bennett and with art by Jorge Coelho, Ichabod Crane has managed to divest himself of the evil Colin Van Bilj with the help of Abbie and her sister, Jenny. Now, the team faces the possibility of battling a god.

In this final chapter of the twelve-issue series from Dark Horse, John Connor has sealed his fate and become a Terminator himself. In a deal with Skynet, John Connor has had his consciousness downloaded into a T-Unit in order to fight Parnell on his own terms. Though he is successful in killing Parnell, his human body was . . . well . . . terminated. Now, he’s faced with a new dilemma: Seek revenge or peace.

One of the best things about going to a con is meeting many of the artists and writers who I have met through social media. When time and budget allows, I like to pay them the professional courtesy of buying their comic and actually reading it. Thus was the case of Stephan Franck.
After chatting on Facebook, we finally met at APE, but I wasn’t able to pick up his comic until Comikaze Expo. I also got a little of the inside scoop on the comic from his wife, but we’ll get to that. I was thrilled to see when I got back to my table that he had drawn my profile on the inside of the front cover. (That falls under the category of good marketing.)

IDW brings us what one might call a “remastered” version of the 1995 comic which spawned an animated TV show of the same name on MTV.  It makes me kind of glad that I never read the earlier version, so I can read this and not be constantly doing a compare and contrast in my head. (I fear I’d end up with mental whip lash.)

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