World of Webcomics: ‘Misfile’

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While not as old or as well-known as some other webcomics, Misfile has a great, unique plot and has been around since 2004.  Revolving around the concepts of high school relationships, semi-religious constructs of angels and demons, and messed-up lives, the comic has a great blend of humor and drama with some romantic/sexual tension thrown in for good measure.  Misfile updates every weekday at


Art Style

While a lot of webcomics have a drastic change in terms of their artistic style over the years, the basic form of Misfile remains the same throughout its run, though there are some changes in sharper edges and detailed environments.  Not to speak badly about the artwork, because I believe it to be solid, and it allows for someone to easily read from start-to-finish, but I am rather surprised that there isn’t a significant difference given the comic is nearly a decade old.

Writing and Dialogue

If ever there was a comic that devoted a lot of time and attention to well thought out plots and story dynamics, this is certainly the one.  The entirety of the comic takes place in less than one year, even though it’s taken nearly ten years to tell.  Every small action and dialogue is crucial to the overall background of the story and the plot progression, and the characters are very real. I can certainly identify and empathize with their problems (in a sense), because I’ve faced so many of them myself . . . well, except for the street racing situations. That’s not something I could ever do without somehow ending up as concrete pizza.


I can’t think of any reason why someone wouldn’t enjoy reading Misfile, as it has drama, comedy, romantic relationships, and a well-done plot.  It tackles several issues that I believe anyone would be interested in being entertained by, though there are times when some of the high school-related situations can be annoying—I mean, I’m not in high school anymore, thankfully. If you want to read a really good webcomic with great artwork and a normal update schedule, check this one out.

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