Ragnarök Fries: A Review of 'Rapture Burgers Chapter 2'


Rapture Burger 2I like to read a lot and am always willing to try out new things, such as this comic, but there are still times when I’m not sure what to think of something that I read. This is one of those times.  I still don’t fully understand what the premise of the comic is, after having read both of the first two chapters, but I am still going to give it a try and see how things pan out as they release more and more over time.  I will say this, however, it is very unusual, but I’m not sure if I can categorize it as good or bad; just very different.  The entirety of Chapter Two, as well as the previous chapter and other information, can be found at the comic’s website, www.raptureburgers.com.


Very Brief Summary

Following the revelation that he wants to take over the world in the previous chapter, Camille has yet another dream about his desire and makes plans to fulfill them by the most insidious and ingeniuous way possible: conquering the school science fair.  Trying to instill the help of his friend, Sydney, while ducking the evil looks of his former girlfriend, this wing-haired boy tries to use his superior wit and intelligence to make his way through life . . . but that doesn’t seem to be helping him as he attends high school.


As previous mentioned, I continue to enjoy the art style of the comic, with the little details that are shown, but there could also be some more, especially in the depiction of the school’s interior.  We see almost nothing of the classroom or the cafeteria aside from the small area around the characters, but I know for a fact that there is a lot more that could be shown.  I guess the lack of the background really stands out for me, given the vast amount of details the rest of the comic seems to have, especially when they’re at the junkyard (a place teeming with detailed drawing).  Even so, I believe the art is quite strong for the series and really does captivate me more than the plot.

Speaking of the plot, while it doesn’t really hold my interest much in the subject matter itself, the way it unfolds is very nicely done.  There isn’t too much exposition, there isn’t any rushing forward to try and push the story on, and there’s just the right pace of foreshadowing to allow for the progression to seem natural and well done.  This certainly helps keep me interested in the comic, despite my uneasiness concerning the story itself, but it isn’t going to be enough to keep me wanting to come back unless the plot is going to seriously spark some interest in my head.

The Future

I am very interested to know just how the science fair works out, though I will admit that I am also wondering why Camille thinks that he’ll be able to conquer the world when he can’t even work out a simple school project.  Then again, if all crazy, despotic rulers were able to piece things together easily, Latveria would be the capital of the Marvel Universe and Cobra would be its armed forces.  So, just what will happen in Chapter Three?  We’ll find out when it is released!




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