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GI Combat 152 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.



There are several tales that U.S. combat troops have that never make the front page, events that are either hushed by a higher authority or just so unbelievable that they keep quiet because they don’t want to be thought of as insane.  Whatever the circumstances, there are still warriors fighting for their country and themselves.  These are the stories of G.I. Combat.





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The War that Time Forgot:  A Special Forces team is sent in to investigate a blackout zone within North Korea.  While inbound, the helicoptors are attacked by pterodactyls and only two soldiers survive, Ash and Elliot.  The duo moves through the forest to find North Korean forces fighting several different kinds of dinosaurs, then encounters a lone Korean soldier running from a Tyrannosaurus rex straight toward them.  After blowing up the T-rex with some grenades, the trio makes for the coast, but the Korean is eaten by a dinosaur and Ash is flung off a cliff.  Elliot makes it to the shore, only to see his carrier sinking because of aquatic dinosaurs attacking it.  He meets up with some survivors in a lifeboat, unsure of what to do now, but elsewhere it is discovered that Ash survived his fall.

The Unknown Soldier
:  While on patrol in Afghanistan, an Army unit encounters a soldier with no name who seems to be quite proficient at killing.  Command interrogates the individual and discovers that he once had a family that was killed in a subway bombing in London.  After evaluating his skills, the Unknown Soldier is recruited by an Intelligence agency and undergoes training and modifications.  He is sent on an “evaluation” mission to take out a drug cartel in Mexico City and is then briefed on a biological weapon being developed in Pakistan before being sent their personally.

While dodging an impressive amount of bullets fired by well over fifty enemy combatants, the Unknown Soldier captures the ringleader and downloads his memories concerning the virus.  Homeland Security successfully stops a terrorist attack in NYC, while the Unknown Soldier impersonates the ringleader so as to infiltrate additional terrorist cells.  Believing the terrorists are the ones responsible for his family’s death, he starts taking them out while friendly forces move in to back him up, but is severely injured.  After recovering, his handler decides that it is time to show him the real truth.

High Points

Two Stories
: Unlike Action Comics or Detective Comics, where the primary story takes up the majority of the pages, the two stories are very evenly split between the allotted pages in the book.  They also do not relate to each other, so it does not matter which story you read first.

Low Points

Lack of Plot
: There’s some plot to it, but these stories are very much action-driven, and while that might be interesting in some areas, having it happen all the time is rather annoying.  There doesn’t seem to be any progression of story elements like I’ve seen in other DC titles, and it doesn’t seem to match well with the rest of the company’s publications.

Looking Ahead

The Secret
: Just what is it that the Unknown Soldier has discovered after his recovery, and how will it affect his performance in the future?

: Now that there seems to be no hope of escaping the Dinosaurs, just what will the troops do as they try to survive in the blackout zone?  And, if the blackout zone is the only place that the dinosaurs were present, how did they get out to sea to attack the carrier if it was outside of the blackout zone?

Other Stories
: Will there be other stories to replace these two when the storylines are eventually wrapped up, or will they just continue forward with new storylines pertaining to these specific characters?



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