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Legion Lost 152 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.



Seven young heroes from the future are sent back in time to stop a tragic event from changing the course of history.  Throughout their time in our present, they encounter criminals, government agents, police officers, and normal citizens who don’t understand what’s happening to them.  Forever unsure of their chances of getting home, they are the Legion (of Superheroes) Lost.





Previously on Legion Lost: Covering Issues #1 - #11



In the Legion of Superheroes’ past (our present), a single alien blows himself up to unleash a pathogen in an attempt to take his revenge on Earth for the death of his sister in the 31st century.  Seven members of the Legion jump back in time to stop the event but find their technology hampered due to some sort of present-day interference.  Using their unique skills and powers, the team tracks the target, Alastor, down, but not before he has unleashed the pathogen in a small mid-west town in the United States.  Aware of their failure, they attempt to jump back to their point in time, but the time bubble machine explodes, and two of the team are lost, as well as Alastor.

The surviving Legionnaires try to find out more about the pathogen and encounter a doctor who has been changed by exposure to it.  The doctor doesn’t want to try to remain human anymore, feeling lost in the void of losing so many people in his life, and blows himself up, dissipating himself throughout the atmosphere as pure energy.  Feeling as though they’re going to be stuck for a while, the team takes up residence in a motel and seeks to help more changed humans.  One of the group, Timber Wolf, tracks down reports of a “wild animal” rampaging through Colorado and finds another changed human, who is really the reformed body of Chameleon Girl, one of the two Legionnaires believed lost in the time bubble explosion.  Meanwhile, two other members—Dawnstar and Tellus—track down Alastor and confront him, but end up with a major fight on their hands when Alastor transforms into three separate beings.

Back in Detroit, Wildfire and Tyroc join Timber Wolf in trying to calm Chameleon Girl down, only to end up being attacked by the Black Razors (as seen in Voodoo).  Tyroc knocks them out for a moment, allowing him and Wildfire to go back up the other while Timber Wolf looks after Chameleon Girl, but he ends up being rendered unconscious by a suspicious Martian Manhunter.  Meanwhile, the duo dealing with the devious Alastor get reinforced by Wildfire and Tyroc, just in time to save a human civilian from an overturning big rig, and they encounter their other thought-to-be-lost comrade, Gates; however, they return to find Timber Wolf has been taken by the Black Razors and seek to liberate him and Chamelon Girl from their clutches.

Deep in the Black Razors’ headquarters, Timber Wolf is interrogated by Martian Manhunter, making it so no one but the Legionnaire can see him.  Tellus remains back at the motel while the rest rush to break out their comrades, encountering the Martian Manhunter at the same time.  Eventually, they’re able to persuade J’onzz of their intentions and get his help in stabilizing Chameleon Girl’s shapeshifting properties.  They return to the motel to find that Alastor has escaped while Tellus was in contact with them, but they’re able to track his lodging and find pamphlets for NYC.  Gates teleports the entire group to the Big Apple, but they’re observed by a lowlife purse snatcher who has a plan.  Once they set up lodging, Tellus experiences a psychic cry for help, and Dawnstar flies off to investigate while Timber Wolf goes out on his own.  Dawnstar finds the woman in a hospital, in a deteriorating coma, and the team knows there’s nothing that can be done, all the while Timber Wolf lets himself be talked into taking down a drug cartel to get money without robbing from good people.

When Tyroc finds out about Timber Wolf’s actions, he throws a fit and they both start dishing it out until Timber Wolf walks away.  Moments later the entire team is assaulted by members of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and taken to the Crucible for the Culling.  While inside, the Legionnaires team up with Superboy and the Teen Titans (as seen in their respective titles) to fight the Ravagers.  Eventually, they’re able to break free and steal a Time Bubble from Harvest, making them wonder how he got one in the first place.  They return to their own time, but see that it has been altered drastically, with Earth a wasteland.  Meanwhile, back in the present, the purse snatcher—Oz—is interrogated about his connection to the team by the government.

The team decides to travel back to fix the timeline, and Timber Wolf is shot by military forces when he tries to get the low-down from Oz, and Tellus feels his pain and he and two others teleport to Timber Wolf’s position.  The military engages Chameleon Girl, but Tyroc comes to her rescue while Tellus and Oz take Timber Wolf to an emergency clinic.  Wildfire and Dawnstar investigate the ruins of the Crucible but cannot detect anything, and return when Gates informs them of Timber Wolf’s situation.  After visiting Timber Wolf, Dawnstar and Tellus work on tracking down Alastor some more.  Gates returns to Timber Wolf, who tells him that perhaps they’ve been put in the past as punishment from the Science Police.  Meanwhile, Tyroc and Chameleon Girl are taken down by the military, and Tellus wants to come to the rescue, but Dawnstar insists on continuing to track Alastor until they meet him disguised as a firefighter; however, he takes down Dawnstar and becomes her, then attacks Tellus.

High Points

Diverse Team: The best part of the comic is that the Legionnaires are very diverse, both in what skills and powers they have and in their background.  Unlike most superheroes of the 20th & 21st centuries, the Legion of Superheroes have members throughout the galaxy in the 31st century.  It can be a little confusing at times, as it is hard to tell who is what without an added background, but I like the idea of having more than just metahumans and the occasional alien thrown in as a group of crimefighters.

Low Points

Age: It’s not easy to tell just how old some of the superheroes are, but the tagline for both Legion of Superheroes and Legion Lost talk about “young superheroes,” so I just have to ask: why are there no “older” superheroes in the Legion?  The more mature, experienced, and well-known kind that could—and should—provide motivation and mentorship for the younger breed.  I want to see some older, wiser heroes instead of some teen drama television stars.

Lack of Historical Knowledge: If these heroes knew they were going to be coming back to our present, wouldn’t they have loaded themselves up with some information concerning what was going on during this time?  It’s true that they weren’t expecting to be stranded in the past, but it’s preparing for the unexpected that superheroes should do on a regular basis.  Even if their technology doesn’t work, they should have brought a team member who was well versed in the time period, an archaeologist type of person.

Looking Ahead

Alastor: Now that’s he actually succeeded in his mission, what exactly will he do next?  Is he just going to run around killing random humans as revenge; will he continue to mutate from the effects of the pathogen like his latest ability to jump hosts?  What are you up to, Alastor?

Chameleon Girl: Her secret’s been briefly explored during the Culling event, but what is really going on with Chameleon Girl?  How exactly does she fit into the Culling and N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and why would she be a spy?



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