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Joshua Desjardins

Joshua Desjardins

I'm so excited to continue to review the ongoing storyline for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you remember in last month's issue, our heroes fought two of Shredder's strongest cronies--Rocksteady and BeBop--in one of the best comic book battles I've ever read. Then, in the epilogue, we catch Donatello controlling Dr. Harold's robot turtle, Metalhead, to have a conversation with Shredder . . . about Krang! It was truly an exciting issue!

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to write a review for the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time comic book series. Chapter 3 in this series was one of the very first comics I reviewed for Fanboy Comics, let alone one of the first comic books I've read since I was a young boy. Although, at first, I thought time-traveling turtles were a little far fetched, I then remembered that I was reading about a series of ninja turtles who also happen to be mutant teenagers. EVERYTHING is too far fetched for this storyline! And, now that I've read all 4 issues, I actually think this is one of the best TMNT comic books in the entire franchise.

When this assignment was first sent out by my boss, I had fellow friends and reviewers approach me with, "Dude, did you pick up that James Bond review?" See, if you know me well enough, you'll know that I am a HUGE James Bond fan! I've seen each of the 23 films more than once. I have autographs from all SIX actors who have played James Bond in the official movies (Yes, including George Lazenby . . . ). I even have signatures by Judi Dench, Richard Kiel (Jaws), and Honor Blackman, better known as "Pussy Galore." I even still own a Nintendo 64 gaming system solely for the purpose of playing the best James Bond video game ever made, Goldeneye. So, when I first picked up a copy of James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy and read that it was dedicated "to fans of spyfi, espionage, and, of course, James Bond aficionados everywhere," I knew I was meant to review this novel.

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