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‘Doctor Who: Series 8, Episode 2 (Into the Dalek)’ - TV Review

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While “Into the Dalek” was by no means perfect, it was far better than the previous episode.  In this episode, we got to see a bit more of what the Twelfth Doctor will be like, and we also got the addition of a new cast member.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor seems to be keen on people observing the rules and niceties of a polite society . . . well, he seems to be keen on other people being polite—he is a bit too busy to be burdened with such frivolities himself.  In quite a humorous moment, he refused to obey orders at gunpoint until his assailant complied nicely and said “please.”

As the Twelfth Doctor is developing, so is his relationship with Clara.  I have been vocal about the dynamic (or lack thereof) of the Doctor/companion relationship as of late, and it appears that this will be improving.  Capaldi's gruff nature allows for some verbal sparring between the two.  Seeing Clara go toe-to-toe with the Doctor in their banter gives her more to do than just give a forlorn look as her feelings are not reciprocated.  Their redefined relationship is illustrated quite nicely in this episode, when the Doctor, is trying to think of a title to describe her role.  She says that she is his carer and he responds with, “Yeah, my carer.  She cares so I don't have to.”

Helping to develop Clara as a character is allowing her to have a life outside of the TARDIS.  For the most part during Steven Moffat's era, the companions have had lives outside of the TARDIS; however, we as the audience are not really allowed to be privy to what happens there.  Large gaps in time (as well as major life events) can occur between episodes, and, as a result, the characters are less dynamic.  In this episode, we saw a bit more of Clara's daily life as we were introduced to Danny Pink, her new coworker and potential suitor.

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