‘I Love Trouble #6:’ Comic Book Review

Short but sweet is a phrase that seems crafted specifically for writer Kel Symons’ Image comic series I Love Trouble. With the release of issue #6, Symons and guest artist Nathan Stockman (Anti-Hero) bid farewell to I Love Trouble, tying up loose ends, providing just enough resolution necessary, and leaving the door open for other tales, just in case.

I Love Trouble #6 sees teleporting assassin Felicia pushing the limits in more ways than one and crossing some final “duties” off her list before heading off into the sunset (or the light of an arson fire) with a final fashion statement that makes you wonder if this girl is hiding a dragon tattoo. Symons is pressed to wrap things up quickly but makes good use of his time, preventing the series from feeling unfinished and delivering a book full of dialogue that is crisp and witty. While artist Mark Robinson may be MIA this issue, Stockman has done a brilliant job of emulating Robinson’s “dirty Disney” style while still adding his own personal touches. I also must mention colorist Paul Little for his work breathes life into each one of the pages in I Love Trouble. Colorists, much like letterers, are often overlooked by readers for their contributions, but, boy, would we notice if they weren’t there. Little’s work is superb, and he makes Stockman’s art even more enjoyable and captivating. And, speaking of letterers, Pat Brosseau does a damn good job, as well. Looks like the whole team gave 100% all the way 'till the final page.

While I imagine there will be a trade out soon for I Love Trouble, given that the series is only a total of six issues, readers might not have too much trouble finding the books at their local comic shop. In addition, I want to be sure to let our readers know that if you enjoyed Symon’s work on I Love Trouble, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for the new book he is developing with artist Mathew Reynolds for Image called The Mercenary Sea. This one is a 1930s adventure tale and will be out early next year.

FINAL SCORE: 4 Teleport-Assisted Assassinations out of 5

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! For now, ignore the talking monkey and when in doubt, burn everything and bail.

’Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

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