Doctor Who 3Amy decides that “her boys” should spend some quality time together in order to bond. This leaves Rory and the Doctor stuck together on an adventure of their own. The boys immediately decide that they would just rather use their time machine to jump ahead to the future to pick up Amy and pretend they grew closer together.


LEGO LOTRThe LEGO games have remained pretty consistent with many of their features over the years, but there have been some very noticeable changes with each production, such as the inclusion of voice actors for LEGO Batman 2, but there are several differences in this latest addition to the LEGO game roster.  Likewise, the level of frustration has grown with the differences, and I believe that the game plays way more like a traditional RPG (if you can believe that) than should be possible.  But, regardless of the frustration and annoyance that completing this—and the other LEGO games—brings about, I still had way too much fun with all of the jokes thrown in.



Amazing Spider-Man 692Sidekicks and partnerships are a staple of superhero comics, especially during the “Golden Age,” and several well-known characters have been a part of it—the best known probably being Batman and Robin; however, one superhero above all else has never had a sidekick—even though he’s had some partnerships—mainly because he first started out as a teenager, the traditional age one is when made a sidekick.  I am sure some thought he would have ended up the sidekick of someone else, not being the mentor of another, but that’s just what happened recently to Spider-Man . . . and it utterly failed.



Pariah MissouriKickstarter is quickly becoming one of the best ways for independent comic creators to fund their projects. Creators with really amazing, quirky stories that a big publisher might not take a chance on can find an audience and raise the funds they need to make their dreams come true. I recently had the chance to sit down with one of these comic creators, Andres Salazar, to learn more about his upcoming comic, Pariah, MO. Here’s what he had to say about the project. Learn more about Pariah, MO, by visiting the Kickstarter page.




Dragons of BIDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

The creators of 

The Dragons of Blizzard Island are getting into the holiday spirit, and they have generously provided the FBC crew with a very special Blizzard Island character statue, which will make the perfect gift for the comic book fan on your holiday shopping list!  Fans of the exciting comic book series will have the chance to win The Kringle plush (pictured below), whose character provides the good little boys and girls of Blizzard Island with festive goodies every Winter Solstice. 


Life of PiI’m on record here of saying how I feel about spoilers.  I hate them.  The internet is full of them, and sometimes you simply can’t avoid them and un-read something you didn’t want to know.  To some extent, Skyfall was ruined for me, because I had inadvertently read ahead of time who one of the new characters was going to be revealed as. 

Having said that, it’s sometimes very hard to discuss a movie without giving something away.  Such is the case with Life of Pi.  I will be as vague and non-specific as I can, but if you want to go in not knowing anything, feel free to come back and read this once you’ve seen the movie.



Butcher BakerButcher Baker is one of the most bizarrely innovative comics I have read in a long time. This is what you might get if Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker, and Alan Moore created Captain America in a shared fever-dream. Seriously. This is a crazy book, and I loved every minute of it.


Luther StrodeThis is a bloody fun comic book about killing mobsters. I should confess that I have not read any of the earlier Luther Strode comics. In fact, I had never heard of the character. So, how does the book do at introducing new readers?


Buffy S9V2If you haven’t read Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 1, then go and do that now. If you haven’t read Season 8, do that first. So, from here on out, I am assuming you are current on the trades and will not offer any spoiler warnings for anything prior to this book.


Buffy is always more interesting when she is dealing with big, personal issues while saving the world. This comic book is almost one of the best I have seen.


A and F 16This week, Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs are back at it again, raising the bar once more with Angel & Faith #16. While I absolutely loved the last issue with its guest appearance by Whistler, this issue hits even harder, bringing us back to the meat of the season with Angel’s somewhat misguided mission to resurrect Giles. With the end of the season getting closer and closer, the stakes are getting higher, and this issue digs deep into the dark descent on which our heroes are willingly plunging!


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