BW Moloch 1The comic book event of the summer is nigh!  Before Watchmen, the much-anticipated prequel series to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, will consist of seven limited series and an epilogue one-shot.  Stay tuned, as the Fanboy Comics crew will be reviewing each title as it is released. Hurm. 


The origins for most of the characters of Watchmen were revealed in the original graphic novel and have since been expanded in Before Watchmen, but one area had been largely ignored until now: the villains. Edward Jacobi, a.k.a. Moloch the Mystic, plays a small part in the original graphic novel, and though he was reformed at the time, in the past he was a supervillain who went up against both the Minutemen and the Watchmen. In this series, we see just what drove this deformed boy to become one of the most dangerous threats to the heroes of the Watchmen universe.

'Identity Thief:' Challenges

Identity Thief Cover

From artistic consistency to the publishing and promotion processes, the creators of Fanboy Comics' newest graphic novel, Identity Thief, talk about the most difficult aspects of making this particular graphic novel.



Doc of the DeadFanboy Comics is putting out a call to every zombie lover, zombie slayer, zombie apocalypse prepper, and even to the walking (and running) dead, themselves.  We have another extremely worthy and awesome Kickstarter campaign that deserves your help!

Doc of the Dead is the definitive zombie culture documentary coming from the makers of the fantastic nerd-doc, The People vs. George Lucas. After metaphorically taking on the Grand Poobah of geeks lightsaber-to-lightsaber, why take on zombies for their next doc and why now? Here’s what they had to say:


CW The Gathering slideThis week's episode of The Clone Wars tackles what I can only assume is the equivalent to Christmas Day for a Jedi Youngling: procuring a crystal to use in the construction of your very own lightsaber. A greater day for a Youngling I can not imagine . . .


With the Earth Above UsWith the Earth Above Us, billed as a black and white, retro flashback to an all-ages science fiction adventure, is a moody throwback that plays more like A Space Odyssey than Lost in Space.   The art is simple and stylized, perfect for conveying the solitude of space travel, but struggles occasionally with perspective, bouncing around and undercutting the quiet, tension that pervades this comic.  Several scenes lack a decisive geography, leaving the reader unclear what is happening and to whom. 


Summer Invasion 2WE Comics, defender and publisher of “comics for everyone else,” is back at it again, delivering a worthy follow-up issue to their kid-friendly, flagship book, How I Spent My Summer Invasion! Writer Patrick Rieger and artist Mark Wilson continue the adventures of buddies Russ and Tim and their employment at a resort for intergalactic travelers with an engaging and exciting story that matches the tone of the first issue while expanding the story and further developing the possibilities for future issues of How I Spent My Summer Invasion.

Halo 4 CortanaAt Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2012, Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes chats with actress, writer, and model Mackenzie Mason, who plays Cortana in Halo 4, about her motion capture work, what it was like working on such an important property, and why this iteration of Cortana is deeper than all of the others.







RPG diceI have been running role-playing games for a very long time, and there are a lot of tips out there to be a better game master, but in my CENSORED years of playing, I have not seen a lot of advice for being a player. Modern role-playing games demand more and more of players these days; story games like John Wick’s Houses of the Blooded, especially. It never should be only about knowing all of the rules of the game. The player is the center of the story, and the GM should work with them to make the game more exciting. So, here are some guidelines for players that can make any game more enjoyable for themselves and everyone at the table.


Disney SW*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

The Walt Disney Company purchased LucasFilm Ltd. this week for $4.05 billion.  Perhaps you heard about it?  It was the geek shot heard ‘round the world.  Disney paid in cash and stock options, which is sort of amazing when you think about it.  They were able to make a $4 billion deal with no outside financing; they essentially just gave George a big duffle bag stuffed with cash.

The other news that came out of this announcement was the greenlight given to new Star Wars movies, beginning with Episode 7, which will hit theaters in 2015.  If tradition holds and this comes out on Memorial Day weekend, Disney will be releasing Star Wars 7 within about three weeks of The Avengers 2.  Talk about an embarrassment of riches.  The Treasury Department should just give Bob Iger his own money printing press at that point.

It’s also pretty amazing that a deal this big was able to be negotiated over what must have been at least weeks and more likely months without it being leaked to the press.  If Star Wars 7 is going to be released in about two and a half years, they must be pretty far along in the planning process.  


Storm Dogs 1A series of murders on the harsh, backwater planet of Amaranth leads the Union to send one of its crack Criminal Investigation Teams to investigate and end the threat to its colonists.

Acidic rain, a hundred different creatures that can kill you, colonists mostly made up of criminals and runaways, and several groups of aliens, Amaranth is a dangerous but interesting world to explore. As beautiful as it is deadly, the planet isn't just bare dirt and rocks but is full of forests, oceans, and a lot of vibrant plants and animals. Everything about the setting is detailed and stands out, in no small part thanks to the comic's rich colors and art. These vibrant colors bring across not just the planet's beauty but also the horrors it has to offer.

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