TTSSTinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a tightly-plotted, subtle movie about spies and secrets in the England of 1973. Having read the book twice, I can say with complete confidence that, while there were changes in the film, they were generally small and streamlined the story. For those unaware, the film follows a retired spymaster named George Smiley, as he attempts to track down a mole in the highest levels of British intelligence. Mostly, this is accomplished by interviewing various players and piecing a coherent narrative from several distinct and fragmentary versions of the events. Book report over, what this movie does exceedingly well is take this big broad story and trim it down without appearing to remove anything at all. This movie revels in the deceptions of its characters and rewards close attention from the audience.

Oscars2Streamy Award nominated host, new media producer, and pop culture writer Kristyn Burtt covers all of the excitement of the 84th Annual Academy Awards on behalf of Fanboy Comics.  This week, Kristyn shares her winner predictions for makeup and costume design.

Stay tuned for more Oscar news from Kristyn and Fanboy Comics in the coming weeks!  You can follow us on Twitter, as well, at @KristynBurtt and @FanboyComix!


Swamp Thing 6Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Swamp Thing #6
By Scott Snyder and Marco Rudy

The epic return of Alec Holland to the DC universe continues. Last issue, we saw Alec call on the Swamp Thing and unleash its power. This week the Rot responds, and neither Alec nor Abigail will ever be the same again. This is a great slow burn series, and even though some people are disappointed that Swamp Thing rarely makes his presence known in his own book, it will just make it all the sweeter when he finally shows up to destroy the Rot. The only gripe with this issue is that the beautiful artwork of the regular series' artist, Yanick Paquette, has been replaced by reasonable substitute Marco Rudy. No offense to Marco’s art, which is strong in this issue, but Yanick has really made this book his own.

The Katniss Chronicles logoDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

As big fans of all things Hunger Games, the FBC staff wanted to inform you about the latest news from The Katniss Chronicles, an unofficial and unauthorized audio drama based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling book series.  The 17-episode audio drama can be found at, and all episodes are available for online listening and free download.

Be sure to check out the below press release from The Katniss Chronicles' creators regarding their upcoming excitement for the series. 


The Clone Wars deception image"All warfare is based on deception."

The lack of Obi-Wan this season was starting to take its toll on my fragile mind. Don't believe me? Read some of my previous reviews from this season, and you'll notice almost all of them mention the lack of Kenobi. Though I knew Filoni would never steer us wrong and with the reassuring words from the man himself, James Arnold Taylor, the wait is over and the first of a four-part arc has begun. It's Obi-Wan's time to shine and it's not at all how I expected it. And, that's a good thing...

ReedGuntherFanboy Comics' newest contributor, Jason Enright (@jasonenright), shares his thoughts on the new Reed Gunther trade paperback!

All Ages books are hard to come by these days. It's even harder to find a book that kids will love, but that adults will find equally entertaining. Luckily, Reed Gunther and his trusty bear Sterling are here to save the day. Shane and Chris Houghton spin the tale of a loudmouthed cowboy, his loyal and much smarter mount Sterling the bear, and Starla, a machete-wielding cattle rancher with anger management issues. Reed thinks of himself as a problem solver, but he may really be more of a problem maker. But, Reed is the kind of guy who doesn't give up, no matter what, and normally Sterling and Starla can get him out of a bind. 

VALCANDI MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

As an artist since childhood, I was always tortured by little girls to "draw things for them," usually unicorns or flowers, every boy's fantasy art subject - NOT! Although, I suppose drawing beats the crap out of learning geometry. Who gives two toots where Nigeria is anyway, right?

Brian McGackinFanboy Comics Interviews Brian McGackin, Writer of Broetry - #9 of 9

The following is an interview with broet Brian McGackin, author of the hysterical new collection of poems for the male perspective, Broetry.  

In this final interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with McGackin about working on his new projects and advice for budding broets!

Broetry is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on Amazon and can also be found in your local bookstores!

The 36 2The story behind the comic book The 36 is based on the Kabbalistic belief that there are 36 people in the world upon whom it is saved by their simple existence. As the book states, “In times of need, these people emerge from anonymity to save us.”


With the first issue of The 36, creator Kristopher White set the tone for an epic adventure steeped in an ancient mythology. In Issue #2, White and artist George Zapata are not content to tread water, expanding the story and the relationships of the increasingly charismatic cast of characters!

BHroundupBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

To say that the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proved to be tumultuous is like saying the ladies may or may not have had some plastic surgery here and there.

Camille is divorced from Frasier. She dodged a bullet, if you ask me. He looked a little koo koo for Cocoa Puffs at the Golden Globes. I hope she got half of Frasier's scratch- although, most of his coins are probably tied up in alimony.

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