Higher Earth 3Who doesn't love futuristic sci-fi, where the heroes travel from world to world fighting dinosaurs and bounty hunters? Sam Humphries delivers another awesome issue of his action-packed sci-fi series, Higher Earth. Humphries has rocketed to stardom as a top writer at several of the major publishers since the debut of his Image book, Our Love is Real, and he deserves all of the praise he gets, as he is one fantastic writer. He somehow manages to build this awesome new multiverse filled with incredible characters while keeping the book moving at a brisk pace and never shying away from intense, bloody action.


Mind the Gap 3Jim McCann used to work in soap operas, and he told me once in an interview that comics, even superhero comics, are just soap operas with more action. He went on to give examples of how many long-lost twins and comas and bouts of amnesia could be found in both comics and soap operas. Well, it looks like Jim has finally made a true soap opera comic in Mind the Gap, and it is awesome. Like a soap opera, Mind the Gap has a big cast of characters who all have their own secret motives and dark secrets. Unlike a soap opera, Mind the Gap has extraordinary elements like an entire world that takes place in the psyche of coma patients. Yeah, you read that right, this book is trippy.


Harvest 1Harvest is a gritty look at the grimy underworld of blackmarket surgery and organ transplants. A.J. Lieberman spins an interesting tale about a doctor's fall from grace and the criminals who take him in to make use of his unique skill set. The book is filled with all of the drugs, violence, and language that you expect out of a dark crime book, but with its crisp dialogue and very believable characters, it reaches beyond its genre to be a unique thriller with plenty of intense drama in store for the reader. Colin Lorimer's art is fantastic. He uses clean lines that give his characters a very realistic feel, and then colors over them with thick, dark colors adding a very film noir feel to the book. This especially makes the color pop when he adds a bloody red to the scene.


Hellboy V5This collection includes the Hellboy stories Darkness Calls and The Wild Hunt, which are parts one and two of the longest Hellboy story yet. Purists might be upset that Mignola isn’t illustrating this series, but don’t despair. Duncan Fegredo’s art works here. In fact, I didn’t realize at first that anything had changed. Apparently, when it was announced that Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, wouldn’t provide the art for the series, there was a bit of an uproar. Although, I don’t think Hellboy would have continued if Fegredo hadn’t come along. Supposedly, the previous book just about wiped Mignola out. I can say that this team works well together, and this feels just as authentic as any other Hellboy comic I have seen. Actually, I would go so far as to say that this is Hellboy at his best.


Major Eazy cover USEFrom Titan Books comes a beautiful, oversized volume of the 1970s war-comic legend, Major Eazy.  What’s that you say?  You don’t know who Major Eazy is?  Well, friend, you might like him, you might hate him, but either way, you can’t ignore Major Eazy.  

Jason Shawn AlexanderAt San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes talked with artist Jason Shawn Alexander about his transition from comics to gallery work, how he initially got his start, and why he will never leave the sequential art medium.






Black Dynamite posterAt San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Michael Jai White, Carl Jones, and Byron Minns, the creators of the new Cartoon Network show Black Dynamite, talk about the process of converting the 1996 live action film to an animated series, what they are hoping to achieve with the show, and what goes on behind the scenes.







Grendel Omnibus V11986 gave us several comic milestones that helped define a new generation of writers, artists, and readers, most notably, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, and Art Speigelman’s MAUS.

And, seemingly lost in the background, Comico began publishing a brilliant gem of a series called Grendel, by the brilliant Matt Wagner.

But, this wasn’t a new comic.  Originally created by Matt Wagner in 1982 as a feature in the short-lived Comico Primer, and appearing briefly as a black-and-white title for 3 issues in 1983, Grendel was originally a noir comic that, in the words of Wagner, “evolved into a study of the nature of aggression."

And now, with the publication of the Grendel Omnibus Volume 1: Hunter Rose, this epic work now stands poised to assume its mantle as an equal to those other landmarks of comics.


Pawn ShopSuperheroes, monsters, and galaxies far, far away often grace the pages of comic books, but when it gets down to it, comic books are about one thing: people.  So, when comic book creator Joey Esposito decided to create a new graphic novel, he skipped the capes and space ships and went straight to the heart of the funny pages.  After successfully launching his last graphic novel, Footprints, through Kickstarter, he has returned to the crowd-funding forum with the upcoming graphic novel Pawn Shop: Love and Life in NYC.

Black DynamiteAt San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Liz Benoit talks about all of the reasons you should be watching the new 70s-style animated show, Black Dynamite, from Cartoon Network, right now. Well, what are you waiting for?!






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