Justice League DoomDear Fanboy Comics Readers:


The Fanboy Comics Staff was very excited to attend the premiere of DC's latest animated feature, Justice League: Doom!


Throughout this week, we will be providing you with the coolest interviews with the film's stars and creators.
Stay tuned to the Fanboy Comics website for the latest interviews, all of which will be compiled below.



sa cover finalFanboy Comics is proud to announce the upcoming release of Something Animal, its first graphic novel!  Something Animal is a dark, psychological thriller that pulls the vampire myth back into the shadows where it belongs.

In the following interview, Something Animal writer Ben Rhodes talks about his short story that became the graphic novel, Something Animal.


Something Animal is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on the Fanboy Comics website!

Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter (@SomethingAnimal), and the Fanboy Comics website! 




Top Cow Comics logoMeet the writers and artists of Top Cow Comics on Saturday, February 18th, at 1:00 p.m. at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA!


Comic book legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Cyberforce, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, Messiah Complex) and other creators from Top Cow Comics will be celebrating the release of The Darkness #100 at Emerald Knights.  Don't miss this opportunity to meet these talented creators at your neighborhood comic book shop!


The following Top Cow Comics writers and artists are also scheduled to appear:


Adam Freeman (writer) - Genius

Rahsan Ekedal (artist) - Echoes, The Test
Rick Basaladua (artist) - The Darkness, Artifacts
Dan Casey (writer) - Theory of Everything
Christos Gage (writer) - Angel & Faith, Sunset (Avengers Academy, Avengers Initiative)
Rob Levin (writer) - Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box, Neverworld
Morgan David Foehl (writer) - City of Refuge



button-badgeFanboy Comics' newest contributor, Robert J. Baden, shares his thoughts on what it is to be a Comic Book Fan.

By Robert J. Baden, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics



I have come to the realization, with great pride and enjoyment, that I am a comic book fan.  Not something that would stop the presses and be considered of vital importance to the world, but, for me, it is a bit of a change in my entertainment and reading pleasure.  It is not as though I haven’t read comics books throughout my life, but I never considered myself a fan until after I had turned 31.

Animal Man With Article52 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.



Buddy Baker was a stuntman who developed an ability to take on the characteristics of animals after encountering an “alien ship” in a forest.  With his newfound abilities, Buddy became Animal Man, a hero with a not-so-secret identity who juggles work, responsibilities as a hero, animal activism, and a wife and two kids.


Daredevil 9 CoverFanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Daredevil Issue 9
by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera

Daredevil continues to be the best book that Marvel puts out each month. Waid continues to knock it out of the park with this issue, as Matt Murdock investigates the theft of his father’s casket. The inker Joe Rivera and colorist Javier Rodriguez really get to shine as they take Daredevil on a trip underground with beautiful dark panels where the red of his costume is the brightest color in the frame. The coolest part of this series is how the art team lets you “see” the world as Daredevil does with his radar sense. They even turn this around in this issue as Daredevil’s senses get clouded, and the reader starts to see things that Daredevil himself is now blind to. Throughout the story, Waid continues to build momentum toward the upcoming crossover with Punisher and Spider-man, but he never sacrifices the core story of the issue. This is a great time to pick up this award-winning series, and, as an added bonus, the graphic novel of the first arc has just been released, if you want to get caught up.


The 36 3The story behind the comic book The 36 is based on the Kabbalistic belief that there are 36 people in the world upon whom it is saved by their simple existence. As the book states, “In times of need, these people emerge from anonymity to save us.”

Creator Kristopher White continues to weave a bold and original tale with third issue of The 36. Easily my favorite issue so far, this chapter reveals more about the other members of The 36, the staff Noam carries, and the details surrounding Noam’s comatose wife.


MI - GPThe thing I was most excited about going in to see Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was the director. Brad Bird has directed some truly wonderful movies, like The Iron Giant (which, I have to confess, I haven’t seen), Ratatouille, and The Incredibles. I was not disappointed. The direction was easily the best part of the movie. The acting was generally serviceable, but the script was pretty poor. The chief complaint I have with the movie is that so many of the scenes seemed to be there because they wanted a cool scene with a Bollywood flair, or a throwback to the first Mission: Impossible. I have no problems when a movie does something because it is cool, because I love action movies. My issue comes when it is obvious. An example of this could be that in M:I 3, I had no problem with the ambush on the bridge, because a bridge is a perfect spot for an ambush. In M:I 2, the motorcycle front wheelie move was designed by John Woo to be cool, and didn’t make sense in any other context. M:I - GP generally had a good reason for the action set pieces, but there were a few that just bugged me.

Kevin Keller MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Well, well, well, it certainly has been a big week for Homosexual Americans, now hasn't it? 1st the pro-hate Prop 8 outlawing same sex marriage is deemed unconstitutional by The Supreme Court. Duh. Incidentally, I also find bad hair unconstitutional. But, then again, I don't think of myself as very political. I don't think I could even pick Laura Bush out if a police line up.

Whitney MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

I used to make fun of my little sister for liking Whitney Houston. I thought it dorky if not reductive.

Cut to The Bodyguard soundtrack. I will always be a Dolly fan and really dug Houston's cover of Parton's cover of "I Will Always Love You." Throw in a break up with a boyfriend and it's over with! Well, and "Queen of the Night" - what girl wouldn't like that? Ironically, it was The Bodyguard director and co-star Kevin Costner that suggested Houston cover the song with an acapella intro. And, Parton famously thanked Jesus daily for the scratch she made off the royalties she made from Houston's version of her classic break up song.

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