Bunny in the MoonNot being a comic reader prior to reading Bunny in the Moon by Tara McPherson, this was certainly a good place for me personally to start. It was pretty art, with no specific story to follow, and a super easy and enjoyable read! It was right up my alley with colorful and feminine art. Bunny in the Moon is a perfect place to start, if you are looking to get into comics.

Silent HouseBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

First, let it be said that I absolutely love horror movies and will watch any of them regardless of how good or bad they may be. Although, the current trend of horror movies is usually bad, I am terrified to say. Is it really that hard to scare any more? Startling someone sitting in their car by banging on their window isn't exactly the stuff of nightmares. Give me something that will keep me awake for a week for the love of The Exorcist!


Star Wars JediI was never really one to get too much into the Star Wars comics, which is strange considering my obsession with both ¨The Wars¨ and comic books. You'd think it would be a natural fit, right? They just never really grabbed me like I'd hope they would. But, in an age of prequels and Old Republic, the universe has grown immensely, and the comic books have been exploring these times in the Star Wars universe. Say what you will about The Phantom Menace, but don't tell me Qui-Gon Jinn wasn't awesome. He and Darth Maul are what made that movie for me, and I had always wanted to know more about this mysterious Jedi.



AfrikaAfrika, the newly translated comic by the Belgian artist Hermann, is a lush story of obsession, set (unsurprisingly) in Africa. There poachers, governments, and nature herself come into conflict with one man.


Spider-Man with ReviewUltimate Catch Up is an offshoot of 52 Catch Up and is devoted to looking at issues from the newest volume of comics set in the Marvel Ultimate universe, examining what makes them worth reading (or not) and which places we hope they will go in time.


Months before Peter Parker was killed, Miles Morales was bitten by a genetically altered spider and developed spider-powers.  In order to honor Peter, Miles dons a costume and becomes the new Spider-Man.


Green Lantern New Guard52 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.




Members of the 7 emotional spectrum teams must band together to protect the universe against a threat never before seen.  Due to the conflicting nature of the individuals and their respective organizations, the group has a hard time working together despite their mutual goals; however, due to the special relationship that Kyle Rayner has with his power ring and the old Guardians of Oa, only he can find a way to lead the group and form them into the New Guardians of the universe.




sa cover finalFanboy Comics is proud to announce the release of Something Animal, its first graphic novel!  Something Animal is a dark, psychological thriller that pulls the vampire myth back into the shadows where it belongs.

In the following interview, Something Animal artist Robert Burrows talks about the trials and tribulations of making his first hand-painted graphic novel. 


Something Animal is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on the Fanboy Comics website!

Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter (@SomethingAnimal), and the Fanboy Comics website! 




Robot and FrankIn his prime, Frank lived his life as a conman, a cat burglar, a man who had a high-flying life and paid the price with two stints in jail.  During that time, he fell in love and had two children. Now, Frank (played by Frank Langella) is a crotchety old man, set in his ways, who suffers from dementia and lives alone in a modest home. His son Hunter (James Marsden) makes the five-hour drive back and forth each week to visit him, while daughter Madison (Liv Tyler) completes a humanitarian mission halfway across the world.  When his son visits, Frank often forgets tasks and cannot remember details from his past, and the burden becomes too great for Hunter to handle alone. In this realistic near-future story, Hunter does not have to place his father in a home. Instead, he buys him a robot, and the unexpected buddy film of 2012 is born.


School Daze  LegendWith the success of projects such as Double Fine and The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive, Kickstarter has been getting a lot of attention lately, and even though these drives are about to be over, there are other great independent projects worthy of funding to be found.  Here are three examples: two independent tabletop RPGs, and the third, an innovative new video game.

School Daze

High school, the RPG, might sound like a dull premise, but stop and think about all the great movies and TV shows that featured high school and its associated drama.  Saved by the Bell, Glee, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Breakfast Club, Veronica Mars, even Buffy the Vampire SlayerSchool Daze is capable of supporting all these examples and more with a relatively simple system that makes it just as good for a convention or pick-up game as for a campaign.  School Daze relies on a single six-sided die (d6) for conflict resolution, and characters only possess a few pertinent stats: a favorite subject, such as Chemistry or English and a Rank, something that stands out about them, such as Prank for the class clown or Tank for the not-too-bright but large linebacker.  A roll of 5 or 6 is a success and a character's favorite subject adds a +2 to the role, if it comes into play while the character's Rank can add a +1 or -1 depending on the circumstances; an example being Lank, a tall character who uses their height gets a +1 but they're also somewhat clumsy and could get a -1 in other situations.  Typically the GM throws out a scenario, such as the Senior Prom or Zombie Apocalypse; players create a motivation for their character, something that gets them to get up out of bed and go to school, and the game starts from there.

Smash TVNew on the Tube is a series devoted to reviewing relatively new television shows and determining how they may (or may not) appeal to their intended audiences, where the shows are going, and what can be done to make them better. 


Show Premise: 

A couple of NYC writers come up with the idea to make a musical about Marilyn Monroe and hire on a spectacular director with the financial backing of a divorcing producer.  Two actresses vie for the lead role and face off against one another and the circumstances of their own lives as everyone’s individual worlds collide in this behind-the-scenes look of creating a (hopeful) Broadway show.




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