Rebel Blood V1The most important thing to remember when beginning to read Rebel Blood is that it is unequivocally not a zombie story.  You might flip through the book, seeing Riley Rossmo’s art, and be put off, believing this to simply be zombies in the woods.  But, if you did that, you’d be wrong, and you would miss out on one of the better horror novels out right now.


Near Death V2I must say it is to the benefit of my own ego when comics are set in cities that I’ve lived in.  Perhaps that is why I gravitated toward Marvel instead of DC Comics; as a former New Yorker, I identified with the heroes and the unlucky citizens, so the discovery of Near Death’s Los Angeles setting made me enormously happy.


Lobster Johnson Caput MortuumAfter giving it some thought, I don’t think that the recent string of Lobster Johnson one-shots are my favorite comics, but they come pretty close. The stories are similar to the action serials of the '30s and are set in the world of Hellboy and the BPRD. What I love about these stories is that they manage to fit good action, light detective bits, supernatural awesomeness, and humor in the same 22 pages.


Harker The Book of SolomonGrizzled, hard-boiled, set in their ways. These words could easily describe certain parts of my anatomy, but they apply more aptly to the main character in Harker: The Book of Solomon. Set in his ways of more precise, old school police work, DCI Harker leaves the more extravagant and out-of-the-box thinking to his partner against crime, DS Critchley. 


Invincible 95As with the last several issues of Invincible, we gained more information on the time Monster Girl and Robot spent in the Flaxan dimension.  In these flashbacks, we see how the many decades of ruling over the Flaxans have strained the relationship between the heroes.  Over the years, Robot has spent more time focusing on Flaxan political problems while growing more distant from Monster Girl.


SuperGrammar bookcoverKids today have it all: being a geek is chic and comic books are widely accepted as quality source material for major motion pictures.  As if that were not enough, comic books and comic book characters have made their way into the classroom in growing numbers.  As a shining example, students of all ages will have the opportunity to learn the rules of grammar with the help of fun and colorful superheroes and supervillains straight out of the funny pages in Scholastic’s recently released book, Super Grammar.  With the Super Grammar team as their guide, readers will join the mission to fight the “never-ending battle between good and bad grammar.”


Honor Harrington Rising ThunderWhile the book is yet another addition to the long-running series of military science fiction staring Honor Harrington and other principle characters of the same universe, it’s the first novel that was actually too long to be published in its original form.  Publishing company Baen made the decision that the book would be split into two installments, with A Rising Thunder being the first.  As such, while the book is long in its own right, it’s not as long as it could have been, and ends with a cliffhanger that seems a bit sloppy for my tastes.  It’s also not a book that I would recommend to someone first starting out in the series, but rather as a compliment to the rest of the series that have already been established in the “Honorverse.”



God Bless AmericaGod Bless America is the latest entry from Bobcat Goldthwait, the stand-up comedian turned movie showman whose last film, World’s Greatest Dad, was a surprisingly hilarious and often indicting tale about how death has the tendency to turn even the vilest of human beings into icons of good-nature, cheer, and righteousness.


Archeologists of Shadows V1Archeologists of Shadows takes place on a world where everything is becoming mechanized: plants, animals, people; if it's organic, it's slowly becoming a machine. The completely mechanized people, the Authorities, believe this is the will of the gods, and so they begin to police and force mechanization upon those who, naturally or otherwise, resist it. Two such people are Alix and Baltimo, who decide to abandon their positions aboard the No-Destination Train and join the resistance, which is secretly working to find a way to reverse the mechanization process.


DW S7E2“Robot Jez and Mark on a spaceship!” This was the text that Fanboy Comics Contributor Jake Thomas sent me as soon as he finished watching the newest Doctor Who adventure. The second episode of the new series is aptly named “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” as it features a spaceship full of dinosaurs.


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