Mongoliad b2I just put down the second book in the ongoing Mongoliad trilogy, and it is awesome. If you haven’t read my first review, please boost my page views.  Also, there might be some mild spoilers for the first book in this review. This book is the collaboration of a group of sword fighters and authors who have set out to write a historically accurate adventure novel with historically accurate fights.


Trouble with the CurveAll right, first, let me get this out of the way:  No, no one talks to any furniture in this movie.  Moving on . . .

One of the more fascinating things I’ve had the privilege to study in my school days was human psychology.  For a time, I coached high school sports, and in that time I taught a class on sport psychology.  I find the work that B.F. Skinner did on positive and negative reinforcement to be particularly interesting, and yes, it may seem like common sense today.  Nevertheless, I love how we can use positive energy to change human behavior.  It can be something as simple as praising a job well done or giving a tiny token of appreciation.  Positive reinforcement is far more effective at creating behavioral change than punishing negative behavior.


DW S7E4 USEI thought that “The Power of Three” was the best episode so far in this series of Doctor Who. It maintained that great balance of silly and terrifying that the show is known for. There was also a great mystery, which kept the tension going throughout the entire episode. It was also refreshing to finally have an episode of this series set in present day.

Sushi GirlAt Comikaze Expo 2012, Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes talks with actors Mark Hamill and David Dastmalchian about their roles in the upcoming revenge thriller, Sushi Girl, and what originally drew them to the project!







The-Avengers-MovieThe Top Four series looks at certain aspects of the comic book world from two perspectives: Rob’s, as a relative newcomer to mainstream comics, and Kristine’s, as an older hand in the world.  Each installment evaluates the top four choices from both Rob and Kristine and why they chose their picks.

By Robert J. Baden and Kristine Chester




The past couple of decades have seen a lot of movies based off comic books coming about, so much so that Marvel has even created its own division and an interconnecting in-continuity universe for such properties (well, some of them).  There have even been some made-for-TV movies and direct-to-video films (such as the DC original animated features), so many that we’ve actually lost count.  Below are the 8 (4 each) films that we believe best represent movies (based on comic books) that one should see.






PuppetMaster.finalThe FFOW! series takes a look at that vast library created by the proud and the passionate: fan films.  Whether the budget and talent is astronomical or amateur, FFOW! celebrates the filmmakers whose love of comics, books, movies, video games, and TV shows inspires them to join the great conversation with their own homemade masterpieces.



Fantastic fan films premiered this summer.  By now, most everyone has hopefully seen Bryan Nest’s Batman: Puppet Master.  I made it this week’s FFOW!, because I finally realized why this Batman fan film made such an impact on this Batman film fan.


Sparrow Crowe Issue 2When last we left our hero, occult detective Doctor Xander Crowe was hired by infamous mob boss Don Marino to exorcise the demon possessing his daughter, but Crowe soon learns it's not just any demon, but Adramelech, the same being that left its mark on Crowe years ago.

Ron GlassAt Comikaze Expo 2012, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with actor Ron Glass (Firefly, Serenity) about his new animated film, Strange Frame, his opinion of the Shepherd Book graphic novel, and more!








Flee coverThe following is an interview with comic book writer Raphael Moran, who recently released his latest graphic novel, Flee, through Arcana Studios.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Contributor Kristine Chester talks with Moran about the inspirations for Flee, when fans can expect to find each new chapter on Comixology, and the upcoming projects on which he is hard at work.

This interview was conducted on September 14, 2012.



KuzimoSome graphic novels are beyond description. They simply must be experienced. Such books are a rarity, but they do exist. Kuzimu is one of these books. No matter how I describe it to you, to truly understand this insane, free-form, dream-like walk through the afterlife in graphic novel form, you simply must read it.

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