CW Shades of ReasonThis episode continued on with the awesomeness this week, even with its unbalanced first act. The Sith Bros. and the Death Watch make their way to Mandalore, so Pre Visla can overthrow Duchess Satine. Who knew all it would take was a few gangsters causing a ruckus and the incredibly convenient arrival of Death Watch to stop them? Of course, they are in cahoots, with a plan that was well executed but felt rushed given the short period of time spent on it in the episode. I took it for what it was, because after the last 4 episodes with Plankton and the Droids, I want my action now. Fast and furious.


Invincible 100The hundredth issue of Invincible picks up right where the previous one left off—with our titular hero about to die at the hands of Dinosaurus.  The entire world watches as the battle unfolds.


Rex Mundi V2Arvid Nelson’s Rex Mundi Omnibus Volume 2 is an interesting book. If you read it having read the first volume (which is definitely the recommended route), then it is the evolution of a story from mystery to conspiracy to war. If you have not read the first one, then it is an unusual alternate history of World War II. The comic stands on its own either way, but I think the story is stronger if you have read the first one.

WTMH Jon at Magic CastleGreetings, Fanboy Comics readers!

What would Geekdom be without magic? No Merlin . . . no Hogwarts . . . no magnificent card tricks to thrill your friends . . . It would seem that Geekdom is a place that just doesn’t work without magic. Well, for those fanboys and fangirls who agree with this statement, FBC would like to bring an important and exciting Kickstarter campaign to your attention.

PrimordialsThe following is an interview with Reginald Nelson, the creator and writer behind The Primordials, an urban fantasy audio drama which may be found at  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Nelson about the inspiration behind his The Primordials, the next incarnation of the series, and his recommendations for how to create your own audio drama.

This interview was conducted on January 21, 2013.


There Will Be BloodThe FFOW! series takes a look at that vast library created by the proud and the passionate: fan films.  Whether the budget and talent is astronomical or amateur, FFOW! celebrates the filmmakers whose love of comics, books, movies, video games, and TV shows inspires them to join the great conversation with their own homemade masterpieces.



Next week, a horde of Warm Bodies will swarm theaters. If you think teen zombies are cute, wait until you see child zombies!






JJ Abrams Star WarsAt about 1:46 p.m. yesterday (Pacific Standard Time), a bombshell was dropped; Deadline reported that Disney was in final negotiations with JJ Abrams to direct the seventh Star Wars movie.  The internet immediately exploded in a burst of jokes about lens flares.  (Lens flare jokes?  Still?  Some of you guys need to hire better writers.) 

Spinnerette 1World of Webcomics is a series devoted to exploring the world of online comics and their target audiences, as well as their art styles, storylines, and the general enjoyment that they provide.


Spinnerette is a lot more like print comics than webcomics, especially when you factor in the secret identity and superhero situations.  I’m rather picky about my superhero comics, and it takes a lot for me to want to continue to read something, but given that the comic focuses on someone who has Spider-like powers—a favorite of mine—this kept my interest throughout the archives and into the present.  However, unlike most print comics, it pokes fun at things a lot (kind of reminding me of Deadpool) and is more than just a superhero comic; it is a comedy, too.  The comic updates on a M-W-F schedule at



Savages*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

Epiphanies are awesome! 

I had one this week, and it was just spectacular – that moment when the intellectual clouds part and you connect the dots and put the round peg in the round hole and the fog lifts and you just see it!  Everything clicks and you understand on a much greater level something about yourself or life or art or the world.  The stars align to form a weird constellation.  It’s a moment of euphoric eureka.


Being EmilyI first picked up Being Emily because I was told it was a Young Adult novel featuring a trans* character who found an escape through playing video games, specifically World of Warcraft (WoW). That statement was not entirely accurate. WoW is featured in the book, but it's hardly what I would call a focus; however, this book does lead into a couple of things I figured I could take about. Bear with me, this article is going to be less nerdy than most, as I dive into a discussion about Being Emily, Trans* Young Adult fiction, and the value of escapism in games.

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