Doctor Who Ongoing 3 1During the episode "The Power of Three," the Doctor shows up at Amy and Rory's anniversary party and whisks them away in a whirlwind of adventures. We merely got glimpses of what transpired during this trip through a montage. This issue explores that time as it takes place during one of the stops.



Hypernaturals 4Hypernaturals is a sci-fi, superhero, mystery, action—let's stop and just say it's got a little bit of everything. The Hypernaturals are superpowered and trained individuals who guard the Quantinuum, the massive computer system that provides communication and knowledge to all ofthe planets; it's like a galactic internet only a gazillion times smarter.


LooperHow do you feel about spoilers?

Personally, I try to avoid them like the plague.  I like to be surprised by stories, and it bugs me to no end when I accidentally stumble across something I didn’t want to know.  You can’t unread those things.  At the same time, I know people who will actively try to seek out spoilers.  They’ll try to find shooting scripts online, so they can read them before they see the final movie.  To each their own I suppose, but that to me is just nuts.

For instance, what if you could have been among the first audiences to see Psycho in 1960 and to have no idea where the movie was going?  It’s a film that starts out as one thing and then (Spoiler Alert for people living under rocks!) proceeds to whack the leading lady in one of the most famous scenes in movie history.  Most audiences know that scene is coming.  Imagine its impact if you had no idea what Hitchcock had in store for Janet Leigh.  Or, for that matter, what Hitchcock had in mind for Norman Bates’ mother.


The Book of MormonAt this stage, I am continually astonished by people who seem genuinely amazed when something Trey Parker and Matt Stone created turns out to be really good.  Do these people live in caves or something?  I was once one of them, but that was many, many eons ago . . .

Back in the 1990s, I was making my living as a high school English teacher.  Some of my students brought to my attention the existence of a new animated series on Comedy Central.  It was called South Park, and the kids loved it for two reasons:


Dark MatterAfter reading the first volume of Dark Matter, I am not entirely sure what kind of story it is going to be and that is a good thing. There are the obvious comparisons that a lesser writer might make, so let’s start with those. I got a strong Firefly vibe from this book. The characters aren’t immediately identifiable and lovable, like Whedon’s, but the heart is there. There was also a little bit of Alien, in the very specific sense that this crew wakes up and immediately has to try to figure out what they should do. Really, only the first act of Alien makes an appearance here. Now, let’s discuss the book itself.


Epic Kill V1Epic Kill reads like the script of next summer’s action-packed blockbuster.  It throws out action quickly and unapologetically from the get go, and don’t expect it to stop.  In almost any other setting than the sort of hack-and-slash action thriller Epic Kill aims to be, the initial plot reading would come across as cliché.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been introduced to an amnestic protagonist, only to have their past slowly revealed to me (and to them) in flashbacks, and it’s done well, we’ve seen it all before.  Additionally, the Japanese ninja/assassin/femme fatale idea is also old hat, so what I tried to glean was the ever elusive, “Why do I care about this one?”  


Hell Yeah V1“The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James.[1] The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.”

-Wikipedia definition of “multiverse.”

If you don’t grasp the above definition, Joe Keatinge’s graphic novel, Hell Yeah, is going to be a miss for you.  The compilation Volume #1 is out, and if you’re up to it, be prepared to be taken on a journey.

The-Perks-of-Being-a-Wallflower-movie-posterHometown boy makes good. A phrase often uttered in tales of old, emblazoned on headlines of bygone reliquaries known as the printed page. Hometown boy makes. "Good" what? Good mix tapes? Good novels and films? Good at making allusions to the bitter sweetness and ennui of high school life? Milling around this question, I come to the eventual conclusion that this is my go-to answer . . . can't it be both?

On a Thursday evening in the hamlet of Homestead, right on the corner of Pittsburgh and Inspiration, my life was changed forever. I saw a movie. Big deal you say, but what this book and subsequent film reminded me is that every moment changes every one after. Aforementioned good-making hometown boy Stephen Chbosky was on hand to welcome and thank the many in attendance for this premiere. Particularly thanking the cast and crew from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, Chbosky had a particular shine of pride in his eyes and nostalgia in the timber of his voice. Reminiscing about growing up in Pittsburgh and the best mushroom soup ever made being only up the hill from the theater by his aunt. He went on to thank again those whose efforts made this endeavor possible. The thanks were soon returned . . .



FanFiction logo*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

Throughout the internet, there is a vast array of writings that are made by those who are dedicated to their subject matter, people who enjoy both creating an extension of established continuity for several franchises, as well as creating completely unthought of combinations for the pure sake of just having it done.  People of all ages, backgrounds, and writing skills work for long periods of time—sometimes as long as an hour—to create enjoyment for others.  These people are many, diverse, and relatively unknown in the grand scheme of things.  They are the ones who write fanfiction.



BW Ozy 3I am getting nervous about the direction that Ozymandias is starting to take. The first issue was the standard origin story, while the second issue detailed Veidt’s first outing as a vigilante. This issue is almost entirely focused on the origins of the second group of Minutemen.

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