Justified s4Last week was the big reveal of the central mystery that had consumed Justified’s fourth season so far. Now that we know that Sheriff Shelby is actually Drew Thompson, the fugitive drug runner that’s eluded the authorities since the early 1980s, the real fun is likely going to begin. Of course, Drew/Shelby has Ellen May with him.



Ehmm Theory1All I can say (minor spoilers!) is that I really hope that if I am ever gunned down prematurely by a jealous girlfriend (not likely but well within the scope of the possible), I truly hope that I am brought back by Saint Peter to fight the vertically challenged undead. Who are also circus folk. Carnies. Small hands. Smell like . . . you get it. This is the task set to Garbiel Ehhm of Ehhm Theory.


How I Spent My Summer Invasion 3WE Comics continues to deliver on its promise to deliver “comics for everyone else” with the third issue of their popular all-ages series, How I Spent My Summer Invasion! Having established the tone and setting of the book, writer Patrick Rieger and artist Mark Sean Wilson are really able to shuck off the chains of necessity left over from establishing the bookʼs origin and stretch their creative wings, delivering the best issue of the series thus far!

Mouse Guard Legend V2Welcome back to The PREVIEWS Party, the blog that looks at the coolest, new comic books and graphic novels available to pre-order from this month’s Previews magazine.

This May, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume Two, a collection of short stories set within David Petersen’s Mouse Guard world, will hit bookselves. This series will see some of the top sequential artists in the world offer their unique take on Petersen’s fantasy epic of miniature proportions. Petersen joined us a for an interview to discuss the new book. Here’s what he had to say.


Dr Who Classics 1Everything old is new again. Doctor Who Classics, from IDW Publishing, takes old comics, published in Doctor Who Magazine during the time of the original series, and repackages them for a new generation of Doctor Who fans. Originally printed in black and white, they’ve been colorized and given a slick, new appearance. This first issue contains two adventures of the Seventh Doctor (played by Sylvester McCoy on the show), a somewhat mysterious, though capable and determined, incarnation, identifiable by the question mark motif in his attire.


CW The Wrong JediSeason 5 of The Clone Wars wraps up with the most emotionally charged episode to date. This was the big game changer, folks, so if you haven't already seen the episode, I'm warning you now - it's all spoilers starting . . . now!



The Manhattan Projects 10Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitara's The Manhattan Projects – an alternate history tale in which the project that created the atomic bomb was merely a front for far more interesting goings-on – continues to be a madly rewarding ride.  The tenth issue, "Finite Oppenheimers," calls back to the similarly named opening issue of the series as it takes a break from the happenings in the Projects to delve into the consequences of Joseph Oppenheimer's infinite personalities.


Sledgehammer 44 1Every once in a while, an idea comes around that is perfect. This is one of those times. Sledgehammer 44 asks the important questions like: what if the Allies had invented Iron Man during WWII instead of Captain America? Mike Mignola (the man who brought us Hellboy, Lobster Johnson, and The Amazing Screw-On Head) and John Arcudi (writer of The Mask, B.P.R.D., and Barb Wire) do an incredible job of answering the question. Spoiler: It’s awesome. It is worth noting that this is not a comedy. While both of these creators have a history of blending large doses of humor into their work, Sledgehammer is a more sober look at the effect that sci-fi soldiers would have on a war.

MortiferaMortifera is the story of two demon hunters, Catherine and Ethan Gregor, and their demonic ally, Durin, as they hunt down the army of Kanisus during the period classically known as the Dark Ages. If, for some reason, you haven't already checked out the free first three issues of this comic, than you can find them here. If, for some reason, you need a little more convincing to read free comics, then you can check out my reviews for Issue #1 and Issues #2 and #3. It's also well worth checking out MoreFrames' animated Mortifera trailer.


47 Ronin 3It seems as though there is a significant amount of time between issues of this series, so here’s the third installment of a great series.  I haven’t had any previous experience with this creative team, but I’ve been very well surprised by the way this has been going—I just wish it would get published more quickly.


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