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I jumped at the chance to review the second volume of IDW’s gritty G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, and I was more than a little surprised, and even caught over guard, by the time I reached the conclusion.  While the first volume dealt with emotional, militaristic, and counter-intelligence issues, this second volume deals more specifically with emotional complexity, philosophical discussions of right and wrong, and the sometimes very thin line between the two.  Hanging over all of the characters and their actions is the theme of consequences.  The consequences of choices, of giving in to emotions, of misplaced or refused trust.  Crafted by writer Mike Costa, the Cobra Files elite team continues to be a simmering pot of secrecy, distrust, and moral ambiguity, just waiting to boil over.

Some of the most treasured books I own are the magnificent, over-sized hardcovers from Titan Books.  I added another gem to the collection recently with Garth Ennis Presents - Battle Classics.  Ennis is one of my favorite writers in comics today.  From Preacher and Punisher to Hellblazer and The Boys, Ennis’ razor-sharp wit, raunchy humor, and profoundly relatable characters have led me to trust him as a writer like few others working today.  Well, I put my trust in him again, and, as usual, I was delighted and enlightened. (Delightened?)

Fans of all-things horror, take note!  Chastity Bites, an independent horror/comedy that premiered at Dances With Films in June of 2013, is now available on DVD, and this is one film that you will definitely want to add to your collection.

Created by a team of talented women at Weirdsmobile Productions, Chastity Bites turns classic horror tropes and conventions on their ears, highlighting the strength of its female characters and providing viewers with a horror film experience that leaves them both scared and in stitches.  For more information on the film, its creators, and the availability of the DVD, please see Weirdsmobile's official press release below.

In a world where Demons previously roamed, a new species arose from the sexual assault of human women by the demon hoards. These demon-human hybrids combine the strength, ruthlessness, and rage of their Demon fathers with the soul and heart of their human mothers, but they can easily sink into the cruel nature of their Demon sides. They are known as Reapers, and those with only one-quarter demon blood have chosen to use their superior strength to defend humanity against all forces. Aella is the youngest Reaper and the result of the latest Teller Witch’s rape by the Demon Ganesh. With her Demon and magic user blood, she is predicted to be the last of the Reapers, the final hope for human kind, the powerful Red Reaper; however, Aella bears deep emotional scars from childhood abuse at the hands of her Demon father and his minions, and the Reapers do not fully trust her. When she flees their stronghold of Raggenborg in search of a mysterious boy from her past, Aella never suspects she may find what she craves most of all: a human who loves and accepts her even after seeing her dark side.

Eclipse is a comic full of heart and promise, paving a path for a whole new genre for the comic industry in which Trevor Talbot and Scott Meier have found their niche. Bullying is, and has been, a hot topic, as is the topic of inclusion or integration of all intellectual, developmental, and physical capabilities in the classroom; however, this is the first comic, to my knowledge, that deals with these issues from the caretaker’s point of view, an often neglected subject. In this case, the caretaker is a child, no less. The concept of this comic book series and its infinite possibilities to reach children, educators, and families dealing with these daily issues warms my heart and gives me special hope as I myself struggle daily with the physical effects of a genetic disorder. There is a place for Eclipse on bookshelves, in schools, hospitals, and on kindles all over the world, and that inspiration is what led 84 people to back the creators’ Kickstarter project and fund the start-up costs of publishing the first two issues of the series with $6,780.

I'm unabashedly a fan of Marceline the Vampire Queen. For those of you who don't know, Marceline is a 1,000+-year-old vampire/demon originally hailing from the Nightosphere, land of all things creepy and dangerous. Marceline's family is having a reunion, and she doesn't want to go alone, because family stuff is awkward even when you're not the spawn of the Lord of Evil. In a surprising turn, accompanying her is Jake the Dog who really just needs something to do because he's bored.

Where the Witches Lurk is a terrific title for this odd, yet promising, premise from indie comic writer Joe Pezzula with art by Donny Gandakusuma, colors by Chris Mann, and with Ben Gilbert handling the lettering. Given the opportunity to review the first four issues in this ongoing series, it lands quite smartly into the supernatural genre.

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

It is not often that we have the opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history (from the big or small screen).  Compound that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the fact that said piece of history will make you feel like the the master of space, speeding through the stars on an adventure that you won't soon forget, and it is safe to say that you will probably want to give this opportunity a look.

The Fanboy Comics crew discuss their reactions to the 14th episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the fate of Skye, and next week's guest appearance by Lady Sif! Enjoy an audio commentary on the episode "T.A.H.I.T.I." by FBC President Bryant Dillon and FBC Contributor Tony Caballero.


I believe my exact words to my editor when the opportunity came up to review HunterPrey were, “You had me at zombies.” Oh my dear puppy, do I have more words now!  I thought I was just signing on for another fun zombie graphic novel, but HunterPrey is the Odyssey of zombie lore with the humor and tenacity of Orange is the New Black and the intrigue, grit, and suspense of The Unusual Suspects. In all actuality, however, it is truly incomparable, because when you open the pages, you are sucked into a brand new world of horror and humor, a special world all unto itself.

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