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Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Issue #18 of Bravest Warriors on Wednesday, March 26th, written by Jason Johnson and Breehn Burns and illustrated by Mike Holmes. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #18 (as well as a number of amazing alternate covers by Tyson Hesse, Hamish Steele, Jason Adams, and Tad Lambert)!

Clifford Meth is a writer, editor, and champion of the rights of comic book creators. As if promoting his new book Comic Book Babylon (a dishy, behind-the-scenes look at the ins and outs of the comic book industry) wasn't enough to keep Cliff busy, he is also trying to resurrect a project created by late, great comic legend Dave Cockrum.

Cliff was kind enough to answer a few questions about Comic Book Babylon and Dave Cockrum's Futurians.

Back before Pandora or Spotify told you who you would enjoy listening to based off of your current listening selection, well, there was this guy. This guy hung around record shops, clubs, and concert venues and waxed on and on about this band and that, coaxing out tidbits of your personal music preference, then suggested bands or tracks to check out on the merit of his knowledge of music, and not some "what people who listen to X also like Y" formula created to sell shampoo and acne cleaner to music (or what sometimes passes for music) listeners. I miss those guys. Occasionally, you still run into folks who can pass along a good suggestion or two, but it's a hard line to follow when it's so easy to submit to the ease that is musical complacency.

At its core, Kill Me is a really simple story. It’s about a man who ruins his life, then has a chance to go back in time and fix things. But, surrounding that basic concept are a whole lot of other events that make the story seem much more complicated than it is.

Sam and Dean’s Last Meal


Sam and Dean Winchester have a pretty tight schedule. Who of us would be able to juggle starting the apocalypse, dying, being resurrected, clawing hand and foot out of purgatory, and generally being the last line of defense between us and our worst nightmares? It would be enough to drive any of us to the drive-thru.

But, while pre-frozen foods in aluminum wrappers work on the fly, what Winchester would snub his favorite foods, homemade? Plus, we owe them. For a time, they took care of a thing we’d rather not get into just now.

What would you get if you took Lord of the Rings, mashed it with The Office, and added a healthy dose of Dungeons & Dragons?  Give up?  Why One Hit Die, of course!  Funded by the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, One Hit Die is a fantasy comedy series that launched its first four episodes online in August of 2013.  Created by Spencer Estabrooks and starring AMC’s Hell on Wheels' Phil Burke, One Hit Die appeals to D&D lovers and non-gamers alike, as viewers follow a band of characters on their epic quest to battle goblins and other exciting adventures.  Much like the series' main characters, the creative team behind the show has launched its own quest through the US and Canada to bring One Hit Die to webfest goers far and wide.

Darby Pop Publishing made a big splash in the comic book industry when it announced in July of 2013 that it had formed a publishing and distribution agreement with IDW Publishing.  Since that time, the company has been off and running with a steady flow of exciting releases like City: The Mind in the Machine, Indestructible, and 7th Sword.  To celebrate New Comic Book Day this week, the good folks at Darby Pop have generously provided us with digital codes (through iBooks) for City: The Mind in the Machine #1 and Indestructible #1-3 to share with our readers!  Be sure to read on to find out how you can win these digital comics.

“It was so much easier when I knew who the enemy was.”  -- Major Kira Nerys


DS9’s great strength has always been its sprawling cast.  While the other entries in the franchise largely confined their drama to the command staff of a starship with the occasional reoccurring player, DS9 built a rogue’s gallery of guest stars, many of whom were among the show’s strongest characters.  Of these, a single man stands atop all others and remains my favorite amongst any of the Trek shows.  That man?  Garak.  Plain, simple Garak.

I don’t know if any of my fellow comic book sniffers out there have been dealing with Buffy withdrawal as hardcore as I have been these last few months, but it’s time to rejoice, for this week finally sees the release of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #1. While Season 10 sees a “changing of the guard” when it comes to the creative team behind Dark Horse’s ongoing Buffy series (Enjoy your time out in the black, Georges! We miss you!), the dynamic duo of Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs is fresh off their stunning run on Angel & Faith and prepared to join forces with everyone’s favorite slayer to kick a--, deliver puns, and make some @#$%ing awesome comics!


Misfortune High is a whirlwind of adventurous, captivating, and silly fun.  It is a lighthearted read filled with the daily woes of epic proportions that only teenagers can create, because everything is epic when one is a teenager. While the comic is aimed at young readers, I believe it is something adults, teens, and even younger readers will find fun and amusing. Misfortune High has magic, romance, battles, comedy, a biscuit, and a dragon . . . really, what’s not to love?

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