Ragemoor HCRagemoor is a Lovecraftian horror story about a malevolent castle. There is also a strong, gothic horror vibe to this comic. While the characters are dealing with unimaginable nightmares, they are also consumed by lust and obsessions. The castle is like an evil version of Hogwarts; there are countless secrets and the rooms move when you aren’t watching. The art is interesting and often unnerving, but I was a little disappointed by the writing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but it felt a little rushed at times.

Angel and Faith 15Twilight has been the bane of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 for some time now. I’m not referring to the sparkly vampire movie (although, Stephenie Meyer has done her damage as well), but the masked villain who inspires pure nerd rage in a large percentage of the Whedon fanbase with the unanswered questions and illogical nature of his overarching plan. While I was not as hate-filled as some with regard to Twilight, I have to admit that his motives and techniques felt messy and deserving of further explanation. In this week’s Angel & Faith #15, writer Christos Gage tackles this problem head on, giving a satisfying explanation of what Twilight’s end goal was and how he intended to get there in what could easily be the best issue of the season so far!



Cloud Atlas*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

This is a call to arms, and it might be very futile. But, I believe we, as people, who care about films are at a fairly critical juncture.

I’ve been writing for Fanboy Comics since March, and, in that time, one of the things I’ve enjoyed has been access to free movie screenings prior to a film’s release. It’s great. It helps our coverage to be much more up-to-the-minute and timely, and it’s also great because it saves me a lot of money. Like a lot of our readers and contributors, I am a struggling artist trying to find my way in the world. If he were still alive, I would take umbrage with Jonathon Larson whose musical Rent makes being a struggling artist seem, at times, a lot more fun that the reality of it is. There’s just something about bursting into song about burning your screenplays to keep warm in the winter that makes this sort of helpless poverty seem like a rollicking good time. If it weren’t for the hospitality of these screenings, I simply wouldn’t be able to pay to see most of the movies I’ve written about here.

Trivium ProportionThe following is an interview with indie writer David Phillips, author of The Trivium Proportion.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Phillips about the process of self-publishing his most recent book, why Kickstarter continues to be a fantastic resource for creators, and his new projects in the works.

This interview was conducted on October 22, 2012.


Arkham RisingThe FFOW! series takes a look at that vast library created by the proud and the passionate: fan films.  Whether the budget and talent is astronomical or amateur, FFOW! celebrates the filmmakers whose love of comics, books, movies, video games, and TV shows inspires them to join the great conversation with their own homemade masterpieces.




Today, we revisit Gotham with a brand new fan film that’s short on Batman but big on baddies, crazies, and agents of chaos.



ElementaryNew on the Tube is a series devoted to reviewing relatively new television shows and determining how they may (or may not) appeal to their intended audiences, where the shows are going, and what can be done to make them better.

Show Premise: 

Feeling the need to help solve mysteries that the police can’t on their own, Sherlock Holmes offers his services to the NYPD in order to satiate his need to put an end to certain aspects of crime.  Not happy with his father’s choices in life, this recovering addict takes on the various denizens of New York with his companion, Dr. Watson, in an effort to help keep himself sane while doing what he does best.  The show airs on Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. (Eastern) on CBS.





If-X Halloween CoverIF-X: Halloween is an anthology comic/story series set in different themes and this month's is, appropriately enough, Halloween.

'Identity Thief:' Translation

Identity Thief CoverIn the following interviews, the creators of Fanboy Comics' latest graphic novel, Identity Thief, talk about Meaghan O'Keefe's artwork and the translation from script to graphic novel!



Husbands 2Some may be skeptical of the online sitcom Husbands' recent transition to the world of digital comics, but the Comic Book Slayer is here to inform you that those concerns have been proven false. You’re missing out if you don’t have Dark Horse’s Husbands: Drawn In in your web-based pull list! This week saw the release of the second issue of Husbands: Drawn In, written by Jane Espenson and Brad "Cheeks" Bell and featuring the art of Natalie Nourigat (Between Gears), and rest assured, comic book sniffers, that the level of wit, fun, and old-fashioned awesomeness does not drop an inch with this latest edition.


Silver Linings PlaybookSilver Linings Playbook is a heartfelt drama based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. The screenplay was adapted by David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter), who also directed the film. Bradley Cooper stars as Pat Solitano, a man recently released from a mental health institution. As he assimilates into a regular routine on the outside, he moves back in with his parents, Pat Solitano, Sr. (Robert De Niro) and Dolores Solitano (Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom, The Five Year Engagement).

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