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Hit and RunLet’s just make it easy and blame Punk’d.

It was MTV’s lame, Ashton Kutcher-produced practical joke show that introduced me to actor Dax Shepard, who often played various roles in the show’s elaborate “pranks.”   Man, was that show horrible, smug, and staggeringly unfunny.  Because Punk’d was so totally abhorrent, it caused me to never pay much attention to Shepard’s work, even when he was collaborating with people I respected, like Jon Favreau. (Shepard appeared in Zathura.)  And, I was always a little baffled by his real-life relationship with actress Kristen Bell, she of Veronica Mars and sloth-loving fame and somebody I completely adored.


Shadow Ops Control PointThe second highest praise I have for Shadow Ops: Control Point is that it doesn’t quite know what kind of book it wants to be. The story follows Oscar Britton, military man, as he copes with his newfound and illegal magical powers. It has been compared to Black Hawk Down and The X-Men, but I think that a more apt description is Tom Clancy’s Full Metal Jacket combined with Harry Potter (Ed. You know that Tom Clancy didn’t have a thing to do with Full Metal Jacket, right?). Of course, we all know that Tom Clancy didn’t have a thing to do with Full Metal Jacket. What I love about this book is how much it embraces the two contradictory attitudes it takes toward fiction. This book is at once a tight, realistic military thriller, and a field trip through a fantasy world where magic has returned.


Lobster Johnson - Prayer of NeferuFor those of you who aren’t familiar with Lobster Johnson, you are missing out. First introduced about a decade ago in the pages of Hellboy, Lobster Johnson is the coolest, silliest thing Mike Mignola ever created. One or two of you might argue that the The Amazing Screw-on Head is sillier and cooler. The rest of you should check that one out, too. Lobster Johnson is a pulp hero from the '30s, who does the same kind of work that Hellboy does. He shoots and punches monsters without worrying too much about the origins or motivations they might have.


Paranorman MTAnyone who knows me needs no sixth sense to know that I am obsessed with the paranormal. Paranormal Witness, Paranormal State, Haunted Collector, Haunted Highway, School Spirits . . . and especially TLC's freakin' Long Island Medium. I will watch anything to do with the paranormal.  So, it should come as no shock that I absolutely adored Universal Studios' ParaNorman, written and directed by Chris Butler.


Lenore SwirliesI have to be honest. I hadn't read Lenore before, although, I had always heard good things. I think it's a hard book for people to recommend, because you're not sure how people will take it when you say, “I think you're the kind of person who'd really enjoy the misadventures of a homicidal dead girl and her friends. You'd think it's hilarious.” Either that person will take you up on it, or never talk to you again. But, after reading it and laughing so hard I cried, I can say you should read this book.


Dragon Age TWS 1Picking up on story threads that were laid down in Dragon Age: The Silent Groves, David Gaider continues to fill in gaps between the Dragon Age games with Those Who Speak, the newest comic miniseries set int the world of Ferelden. This book follows King Alistair, Isabela, and Varric as they try to unravel the disappearance of Alistair's father King Maric, and learn why Magisters of Tevinter are stirring up trouble for Alistair's kingdom.


Planetoid 3This issue is all about developing the world. As the group of misfits (the tribes, Frog Men, scavengers, and Silas, an aging space pirate who just wants to find a way off the planet) start to work together and form a community on this desolate planetoid, we're treated to a montage of their accomplishments over the course of several months as they go from a set of groups at one another's throats to a real settlement. This may not sound like much for an issue, but these events really show what the characters are capable of and Silas starts to grow as he takes his focus from trying to find a way off the planetoid to finding a way to help these people. At the heart of this issue is the lesson that independently we have our skills, but we can create so much more when we work with others and have our skills complement one another.


Prophet V1 RemissionImage Comics' relaunch of the Prophet series is one of those rare comics that defies easy explanation.  While main character John Prophet has seemingly superhuman powers, it’s not a superhero story.  While he is on a mission, it’s not strictly a quest story.   And, while there are talking aliens and animals, it’s definitely not about cute and cuddly.


Ben 10 OmniverseOver the past several years, Ben Tennyson has been the hero that everyone needed, yet no one thought of.  He has saved the Earth—and the rest of the galaxy (and perhaps the universe, too)—from threats so huge that they sometimes induce cultist activities.  And, while he may have annoying tendencies toward self-imposed fame, he always tries to do the right thing, along with the help of his cousin, Gwen, and one-time-enemy, Kevin.  Now, as they move forward in their lives, he’s back to his old tricks—protecting the Earth, one alien at a time.


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