SlayerLitThe following is an interview with Shiai Mata, the founder of SlayerLit, which is an online discussion forum for all forms of Joss Whedon-related literature and news.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics' Bryant Dillon talks with Mata about how SlayerLit began, the power of the Whedonverse fans, and whether Spike or Angel should be sacrificed in case of an apocalypse.

This interview was conducted on August 19, 2012.


Revolution Aisle 9Kent is an ongoing series from indie publisher Back Row Comics about a small town where strange, Twilight Zone-esque things occur. Revolution Aisle 9 is a one-shot special issue set in the town of Kent, and though it is not without faults, it is most definitely a unique book.


Red Robin - The GrailThis, my friends, is good comic book writing.

Taking place in the aftermath of Final Crisis and the ensuing Battle for the Cowl, Red Robin bursts onto the scene journeying far to seek the one thing that can give him absolution.  It is appropriate that this arc is called The Grail. Like a wandering knight holding onto the hope of something he has never seen, Tim Drake is on a mission to prove that Bruce Wayne is still alive.  His faith is definitely tested, and Drake’s continuous internal monologue lets you know that it does waver from time to time, but he is relentless, even when it requires compromising his morals.


SW X-Wing Mercy KillIt’s been several years since there was a novel in the X-Wing series, the last taking place well before the introduction of the Yuuzhan Vong or peace with the Galactic Empire.  Now, more than 35 years after their last adventure (in an X-Wing novel, that is), the members of Wraith Squadron return to the pages of Aaron Allston in this brand new, and enjoyable, read.



TMNT MicroSeries 07 April-CvrALike all guys my age, I grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles have been a part of my life for pretty much as long as I can remember, and, to be honest, I think that IDW's current comic book is the best iteration yet.



Giants BewareThe 'To Read' List:

Moriarty: the Dark Chamber by Daniel Corey, Anthony Diecidue, Perry Freeze, and Dave Lanphear
Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba
The Light by Nathan Edmondson and Brett Weldele

Read This Week:

Giants Beware! by Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado


BW Minutemen 3The comic book event of the summer is nigh!  Before Watchmen, the much-anticipated prequel series to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, will consist of seven limited series and an epilogue one-shot.  Stay tuned, as the Fanboy Comics crew will be reviewing each title as it is released. Hurm. 


Issue 3 of Minutemen came out yesterday. Yay, I guess. This series is well written and very well illustrated by the talented Darwyn Cooke, but with each issue I read, I start to wonder why it exists. At first, I was excited to learn more about the Minutemen and the skeletons in their closets, but now the book just seems to be retreading stuff covered in Watchmen. Now, we've covered the Comedian raping Sally Jupiter, which we already saw in Watchmen. Now, we're seeing Hollis discover more of what is really going on in Silhouette's secret life, which is okay, but showing us this stuff isn't a revelation, because we know the outcome from Watchmen. 

I was much more excited with last issue where we got to see that the Minutemen's first mission was a total fluke that they only salvaged through good PR. My feeling about this comic is basically this: tell us a new story. I don't want a six-issue miniseries that starts at the formation of team as seen in Watchmen and ends with the team's fall from grace as seen in Watchmen. Why not just tell one really cool arc about them fighting crime and taking down a big-shot villain that could happen anywhere in their history? As long as this comic feels the need to constantly hit touchstones from the Watchmen series, it doesn't feel special or unique; it just feels like paint by numbers. If these heroes functioned for years as heroes before their fall, just tell me one good story in those years; don't jump around and try to tell me their whole history in 6 issues.

August 29


The Staff of Fanboy Comics warned you that this day would come.  In fact, we traveled through time on August 4th to tell you about the activation of Skynet.  And now, prepare to welcome our new computer overlords; it is Judgment Day.


Judgment Day, also known as J-Day, refers to the day in the Terminator film that the artificial intelligence Skynet became self aware and started a nuclear strike on America, Russia, and other regions, killing three billion people.  Due to the effects of time travel, as well as several film, TV, and novel adaptations of the Terminator story, the month, day, and year of Judgment Day has varied over the years.

Books  S--tBooks & S--t #001: Wit Family Robinson
*Warning:  Contains strong language, alcohol consumption, and adult content.

Episode 1 is brought to you by Manifesto Eagle Rock Wit.

In the inaugural episode of this new podcast celebrating our love of literature and booze, Brian and Sam welcome special guest author Justin Robinson (Undead on Arrival) and focus on NPR's recent Top 100 Teen Books list.  They also discuss Justin’s zombie apocalypse plan, their favorite teen books, and a bunch of other s--t!





Dead Future KingA lot of well known figures have been fighting the dead (and undead) these days. Abraham Lincoln has been seen decapitating vampires. The word is that Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have been taking on zombie hordes. Even Jesus Christ himself has returned to take on those beyond the grave. Mashups like these ones are becoming so commonplace that the danger of redundancy and audience fatigue is high. Fortunately, the first issue of Dead Future King, which resurrects King Arthur in a zombie-infested future, is at the top of its game and is a great example of why mashups can be some of the most fun, exciting, and original stories out there!


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