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The Last of UsIf you're a gamer, by now you've probably heard of The Last of Us. It's winning the hearts and minds of many gamers and with good reason. The Last of Us is set 20 years after the world ended due to ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a parasitic fungus which drove people mad and turned them into psychotic monsters not unlike zombies in other fiction, but we'll just call them Infected for short. Joel is a man who lost everything when the world ended and has lived 20 years doing little more than surviving. Ellie is a 14-year-old girl who has known nothing but the military guarded walls of Boston. Due to circumstance, the two are paired up and sent on a cross-country trek through the remnants of the United States.

The Fanboy Comics staff attended last night's 39th Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, CA, celebrating the best in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror.  Stay tuned to the Fanboy Comics website for lots of interviews and photos from the coolest presenters, nominees, and award winners, including Joss Whedon, Jennifer Lawrence, Clark Gregg, and more!

For now, here is a list of last night's winners!  Congratulations to all, and thank you for your contributions to our favorite geek classics!



Charlie ChristmasArrested Development. It's not just the name of a TV show involving people saying, "I've made a huge mistake," or a '90s hip-hop band that sang about a man named Mr. Wendel who was apparently from Tennessee. It's actually the name of a condition where someone becomes psychologically and/or emotionally stunted. I'm not sure which came first, but I know that the latter applies to the main character in the film The Unusual (Calling of) Charlie Christmas.

At the 2013 Saturn Awards, actor Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Monster School) talks with Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon about his love of sci-fi and fantasy roles, his favorite demonic role on Buffy, and more.


*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

Whoever said, "The truth shall set you free," obviously didn't tell Paula Deen to never, ever say the N-word (Even the term "the N-word makes my skin crawl!) and then admit to it at a later date. When I was little my mom told me to never, ever use the N-word. Of course, she also told me to watch my money around black people. What can I tell you? Her grandparents were from Kentucky.

Morbius the Living Vampire 1 Marvel NOWThe New Marvel is a series that looks at the changes that the mega-comic empire made following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the impact that those changes have on the stories of Marvel NOW!  Six issues (or more) into each Marvel NOW! title, we see what our favorite characters are up to and what to keep an eye out for in the future.

Suffering from a rare blood disease, the Greek scientist spent his life researching ways to keep himself alive without detrimental effects. Believing that he found the answer in vampire bats, the egotistical biochemist began to exhibit characteristics that made him seem to be a creature of the night. A “villain” more out of necessity than any nefarious plot, Michael spent the rest of his life fighting against his darker nature, attempting to cure himself of a new disease, and coming to terms with the fact that many see him as nothing more than Morbius, the Living Vampire.



The Final Plague 2Meanwhile, back on the ranch . . . When we last left off, a farmer and his family were having a smidge of a rodent problem. City folk react quite drastically when one makes an appearance in the home, but country folk know it's part and parcel of living in God's country. It's always an annoyance when the shine of their blood red eyes hastens your heartbeat for a moment or two. It's when they won't stay dead that it becomes more of a nuisance.


Skyward 2The first issue of Skyward was an epic beginning, with battles, betrayal, mysteries, mythical creatures, and a desperate fight for survival against greater odds. Skyward #2 scales back the action just a bit, focusing less on the fantastical world in which the comic is set, and more on driving the story itself.


Tesladyne Logo

The year of Atomic Robo has begun! Hot on the heels of more Real Science Adventures, Tesladyne is engaging in actions all around the world. On his latest adventure, Robo crossed paths once again with the deadly (and quite insane) Dr. Dinosaur while Tesladyne dealt with some problems closer to home.

The contents of this report requires a level 7 clearance. If you haven't already, I suggest you catch up on Robo's visual memoirs to date and have already read Mr. Clevinger and Mr. Wegener's account of this incident or in layman's terms:


Dragon KingsThe following is an interview with Timothy Brown, game designer (2300AD, Dark Sun, End of Nations) and musician (Head East).  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester chats with Brown about Dragon Kings, the all-new RGP world that he has created, and how he has envisioned this world not only through fiction and art, but through music, as well. 

This interview was conducted on June 29, 2013.


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