Now I get it. TMNT has one of the most popular ongoing comic book storylines on the shelves, and it's no wonder that one could become confused by all of their separate mini-series and more.

Family reunions can be such a pain.

What's particularly notable about Clue and what separates it from the original movie is that it lets the audience in on the joke. This whole series is being manipulated by two people throughout the comic, and writer Paul Allor wants you to be completely aware of that. He's not interested in making the big reveal that the butler did it when half of the audience reading this comic probably is aware that is going to be the end. So, he is showing you right away that the butler, Upton, is indeed the likely culprit and is manipulating this entire story. But, he's not alone, and this is what changes things from the original film, where Mr. Boddy is simply a consequence of the plot. Here, he is indeed an important part of the book.

Hi, Wonder boys and girls! Welcome back to another Wonder Woman Wednesday! We continue our series of spotlights on "real" Wonder Women and Men, and this week we have an interview with artist and super fan Robert Yealock.

Horror comes in many forms, but great horror sticks with you long after you’ve finished, haunting both waking hours as well as dreams, if you’re lucky. The Eyrie is a wonderful addition to the horror world, with stark images of black-and-white creatures that one definitely never wants to meet.

The con that promises to keep those childhood memories rad was back! Yestercon was once again held in Carson, California, on Sunday, August 6, 2017, at the Carson Center. Sponsored by 8-Bit Zombie, Royce’s Arcade, Pinhead Co., and Geeks of the Galaxy, over 40 vendors and creators congregated in the center’s main auditorium, where each aisle was bursting with toys, collectibles, comics, video games, and anime representing many of the franchises we love: Star Wars, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just to name a few.

Beth Cato is a Locus and Nebula-nominated Steampunk author, known for her Clockwork Dagger duology of books [The Clockwork Dagger (2015) and The Clockwork Crown (2015)], her various short stories, poetry, and, of course, her baking endeavors of which she shares online. In 2016 Cato released Breath of Earth, the first book in a new Steampunk trilogy, Blood of Earth, that takes place in an alt-history 1906 San Francisco. On August 15, 2017, Cato’s second entry in this trilogy, Call of Fire, will be released by Harper Voyager. In the following interview, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor Nicholas Diak chats with Cato about her writing endeavors and her newest Steampunk series.

Within Grass Kings #6 comes the most human moment of the series so far. One that captures sadness and hope not only on an interpersonal level between characters, but also in the metaphorical imagery that’s used. It's a visual poetry that resonates, which puts Grass Kings at the best that it can be and what I think Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins are striving for as creators. From the feels I was feeling, it gives me hope for the story as it progresses.

Redlands drops you into the middle of a bad situation that you know is only going to get worse, and it does so with unfettered glee in the macabre and the occult.

Looks like we're getting ourselves into the next part of “Imperial Phase,” and so far, we're looking at a lot of set-up. As the solicit for this issue stated, this is an issue where Dionysus sits in a darkened room for most of it, but in an awesome way. This part of the issue runs a bit slower than we've been getting accustomed to in some of the more recent issues, but it's been an interesting way to start bringing things together as Dionysus meets with Baphomet in the Morrigan's underground.

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