Star WarsThe biggest problem that I have run into since I started working with Fanboy Comics is that I have started thinking about the things that I love. This has led to some depressing insights. For instance, I am pretty sure that G.I. Joe wasn’t a great show, and Voltron was probably almost as bad as Power Rangers. I am no longer much of a fan of superhero comics. (Don’t worry, Drew; Invincible still rocks my socks.) But, the thing that has given me the most heartache and distress has been the distance forming between me and Star Wars.

Magic Mike MTBy "Magic" Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Steamy Spoilers!

Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Matthew McConaughey dance half naked for roughly 90 minutes . . . that's all!


SW - Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison 2This issue kicks off exactly where we last left our hero, Tohm, as he had found himself in the middle of a battle between his fellow cadets and Lord Vader himself. As this is a very dialogue-heavy issue, spoilers are unavoidable, so with that I say . . .


The Savage Hawkman 152 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.





An archeologist and cryptologist with severe money problems, Carter Hall has a problem he can’t get rid of: the Nth Metal suit that allows him to be a hero.  He struggles to get his life together when the Nth Metal changes it once again.  Full of anger without any real understanding of his powers, he is the Savage Hawkman.




Angel  Faith 1 TPBDark Horse has just released Volume 1 of Angel: Season 9 (also known as Angel & Faith), collecting Issues 1-5 of the series.

Scripted by Christos Gage with art by Rebekah Isaacs, the bulk of the volume is comprised of a four-issue arc entitled “Live Though This.”  A stand-alone story, “In Perfect Harmony,” closes out the book with a return appearance by Sunnydale’s flakiest vampire media sensation, Harmony, and is also scripted by Gage with art by Phil Noto.



Rick Basaldua useArtists Rick Basaldua and Katherine French talk about giving back at the Hollywood and Heroes Charity event!

Emerald Knights Comics and Games in Burbank, CA, hosted a charity event called Hollywood & Heroes to raise money for Shriners Hospital for Children! It was a day of games, signings, photo opportunities, and a custom RPG by writer Keith Baker.







EMERALD KNIGHTS logo smallMarilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks) and Isaac Singleton Jr. (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) talk about giving back at the Hollywood & Heroes charity event!

Emerald Knights Comics and Games in Burbank, CA, hosted a charity event called Hollywood & Heroes to raise money for Shriners Hospital for Children! It was a day of games, signings, photo opportunities, and a custom RPG by writer Keith Baker.






BW Silk Spectre 1The comic book event of the summer is nigh!  Before Watchmen, the much-anticipated prequel series to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, will consist of seven limited series and an epilogue one-shot.  Stay tuned, as the Fanboy Comics crew will be reviewing each title as it is released. Hurm. 

When the head honchos here at Fanboy Comics told us that they wanted each of us to review a title in DC’s Before Watchmen series, I was stoked. Watchmen was one of the first graphic novels I ever read, and the book stuck in my brain for quite some time. It’s a lot to digest, I’m sure you’ll agree, and this summer we are being given even more food for thought.

As my FBC cohort Jason Enright said in his review of Before Watchmen: Minutemen last week, our goal is not to delve into all of the controversy surrounding DC’s big event, but to simply give you our honest opinion of the quality of the issue we are reviewing. So here it is: I give Silk Spectre a resounding thumbs-up. (My thumbs make loud noises when vertically extended---it’s a medical condition.)

JRR Tolkien BluewaterWith the release of Peter Jackson's higly anticipated film adaptation of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on the horizon, there is no better time to check out Bluewater Productions' latest bio comic, Orbit: J.R.R. Tolkien: The True Lord of the Rings.   Written by authors Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy and with pencils by Luis Chichon, Orbit provides an interesting look into Tolkien's background and influences, as well as his inspirations for his genre classics.

StarbeastThe FFOW! series takes a look at that vast library created by the proud and the passionate: fan films.  Whether the budget and talent is astronomical or amateur, FFOW! celebrates the filmmakers whose love of comics, books, movies, video games, and TV shows inspires them to join the great conversation with their own homemade masterpieces.


In the wake of Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction on the good ship Prometheus, the director proved that the legacy of Alien still has a firm grip on the face of popular culture.  This week we take a look at a sci-fi fan film inspired by that original 1979 beast, and it deserves a legacy of its own.  

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