Batman MaybeThe following is an interview with Wesley Freitas, co-creator and star of "Batman Maybe," a hysterical parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" featuring the characters of The Dark Knight Rises.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Freitas about the inspiration behind the music video, the process for collecting the amazing sets and costumes, and fan response from the Batman community!

This interview was conducted on August 27, 2012.


Cards Against HumanityThe following is an interview with Eli Halpern, one of the many creators of Card Against Humanity, a self-described "party game for horrible people."  In this interview, Fanboy Comics' Sam Rhodes talks with Halpern about how the hit game got its start, the various ways that you can acquire a copy, and when you can expect the gold-plated shark-hide edition to hit store shelves.

This interview was conducted on August 23, 2012.



Creppy Scarlett V1Creepy Scarlett is a figure from Sunnyville folklore. Some say she's a great evil who once destroyed Sunnyville, while others say she's heroic and saved the town, but no one is quite sure which story is true. In reality, Scarlett is some sort of supernatural entity who possesses superior combat abilities, a love of candy, and is trapped in Sunnyville's cemetery except on Halloween of each year, which is when our stories take place.

Books  S--tBooks & S--t #002: Domaine Ste McNeil
*Warning:  Contains strong language, alcohol consumption, and adult content.


In this episode of the scalding hot, new podcast celebrating our love of literature and booze, Brian & Sam welcome special guest author Gretchen McNeil (Possess, Ten) and focus on the growing trend of Twitter chats as book promotion and publicity (Tor Chat, Random House Chat).  They also discuss Gretchen's favorite literary heroine, who ACTUALLY wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, and also go through the steps of performing a Christian exorcism as dictated by Wiki-how.





The New 52 posterA year ago I made the decision to try and completely immerse myself into the DCnU (The New 52) for a full year and see what stuck to me and what didn’t.  I already knew that there were certain titles that I was going to keep reading due to previous associations with them, but there were a couple of surprise titles that I didn’t think I’d like; however, there were also some titles that I didn’t want to keep reading unless I really had to (beyond my self-made promise, of course). Then, there was one title that just made me want to shove the issues into an incinerator and watch them burn as retribution for what it did to me.  These are my selections.



The New 52 charactersWhen I heard DC was going to be relaunching their universe from square one, I was intrigued because my least favorite part of superhero comics are the convoluted backstories and continuity; it's enough to make anyone confused. While in this case, the New 52 did not meet my expectations for all of their titles, I stuck with it, finding some titles I really enjoyed and some not so much. What I can say is I read at least a little bit of almost every title and now have a thorough appreciation for what the New 52 is and isn't. Below are the the titles I'm going to be sticking with, keeping an eye on, and a few that I don't see myself going back to anytime soon.


Epic Kill 5Epic Kill is the summer action film of comics. Comparisons to movies like Hanna or Kill Bill would not go amiss as 18-year-old Song goes after the man, Senator Rook, who killed her parents and best friend when she was a child.

Because Epic Kill is all about action, it's a good thing that Raffaele Ienco is able to bring these ridiculously awesome set pieces to life. Song comes across as confident, powerful, and an utter bada-- whether she's chasing her prey in a stolen big rig or taking out a pack of guards. And, explosions? Yeah, there are plenty of those, too.


Thief of Thieves 8This is one title that could benefit from a synopsis in the front.  According to Wikipedia (which means it must be true), the story is about Conrad Paulson, a thief who screwed up his relationship with his ex-wife Audrey and his son Augustus and now is looking for ways to repair those relationships while changing his preferred marks from the rich to other thieves.


TMNT FugitoidThe latest character in the Turtles universe to get the focus of a micro-series issue is Fugitoid. Issue #8 in the micro-series shines the spotlight on Fugitoid.


TMNT Color Classics 4Well, this certainly brings me back. I had read this issue as part of a much larger graphic novel a hundred times over as a child. Easy. Though the cartoon show was my introduction into Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's world of mutated, ninja reptiles, it was the comic books I became most hooked on. Yes, I know the comics came out before the cartoon, but I hadn't heard of them. One Christmas I received two enormous TMNT graphic novels that became my new obsession. Sure, the show was great at the time, but these books were how I thought the turtles should really be. It was dark, gritty, violent, and just felt more real.

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